Should Abusive Users of Forums Be Investigated By The Aurthorities?

14 years ago...

It's Nice To Be Important, But It is More Important To Be Nice.
This used to be a nice place to live, until the Hate-mongers moved in.
How do we go about evicting these trouble-makers?
Any suggestions people?


The question is "should abusive users of forums be investigated by the authorities?"
The answer is simple. If anyone who is abused feels that the law has been broken then they should report said abuse to the administrator and to the authorities if it is serious. Remember that 'offence' is determined by the receiver, not the giver. The 'authorities' might consider that a crime has occured if a complaint is made. Whether they decide to prosecute is determined by many factors.

There is no need to be abusive. Being abusive means you are losing and can offer no constructive points.

There are no winners or losers, but went awfully quiet last week, which goes to prove a point about the types that use & misuse this forum, it has however been an interesting social experiment, thank you all for your participation, even if it has at times been limited.

Oh Babs!
You are a scream darling. LOL

Winners/Losers-----------------Of What?

Social experiment?
Do tell us what it was about. Its thesis, argument, parameters, results and inferences. Go on then...... ;-)

Points proven?
And these were?

use/misuse of this forum?
There is no misuse of free speech. it should be encouraged and not curtailed.

I, for one, look forward to reading your published, peer reviewed, experiment and its results.
When shall we expect to see it?
Or is it a secret? shhhhhh, don't tell the authourites?

The best laugh i had since going down the dump last week.......

Ahhhh dear, still not able to answer simple questions Sapphire8?
never mind, keep mouthing platitiudes like the one you opened this topic with and you'll blend in well with the kingston undergrads repeating their first year in law Babs.....

Here's to sparring again on another topic love ;-)

I'm glad your social experiment went well. As a new user to of just over 7 weeks to my 2 years+ I found your input interesting. Forums can go quiet, but that's the way sometimes. But as with all experiments there are many variations and maybe no conclusion. My experiments will continue....

Well put leslie.

Nope, I think they have more important things to do like stopping Crime!

Nah, let any abusive posters keep abusing me, i can handle it ;-)

No, really it's water off a ducks back, and it makes them feel important too !
I'm helping them blow off steam


Setanta- supporter of free speech, even if it comes from a dark place in other people :-)

Hahhahahh...and this from a squatter!!! Look at the bile you spat out to setanta. See a doctor!

1. I am not a squatter, I am a local resident and member of staff at Kingston University.

2. What bile is that then, I certainly have not refered to anyone as, SCUM, VERMIN, PARASITE, FREELOADING THIEVES, DIRTY UNWASHED HIPPIES Etc,etc.

3. Knock, knock. Doctor, Doctor Who? Could you recommend a good doctor, a professional one not a none tax-paying self employed health practioner, what ever that might be?

4. Why is setanta (santasclaws) commenting on anything and everything, isn't this known as O.C.D. you can get professional help for this dis-order.

take a chill pill babes.......

Ahhh, shoot. Ya got me.

Sorry for calling you 'Babes'.
Term of affection, but could be seen as a bit condescending.

I take it back. Hope you accept my apologies.

Sapphire8, I am not sure where you are going here and do hope that this is not just bitterness.

However, keeping things entirely reasonable here I do think that were your suggestion to be followed through you (among others) may find yourself held to account for some of the comments, assertions and claims you have made recently which you might not want or be able to defend to the 'Aurthorities' I am thinking about some of the more outrageous claims made about RBK, Turks etc.... potentially libelous? What do you think?

Are you not now simply invoking the protection of those same 'aurthorities' you usually condemn in your postings? Such irony....

Examples please,
The police and courts time and tax-payers money has already been wasted on trivial matters when there are far more serious affairs that warrant further investigation. I.E. the receivership of Raven's Ait LTD, HARTO LTD (Mr & Mrs Wharthog) and other associated companies and their directors.

All based on fact and already in the public domain, with the help of a little bit of insider knowledge.
It will all come out in the wash.

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