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Sign this petition please STOP parking fees in bushy park.

11 years ago...


We have been living in Surbiton for a couple of year and love taking the kids to Bushy Park. Recently they have announced that parking charges will be introduced. Please sign this to try and stop this, we shouldnt have to pay to enjoy these spaces.


It seems to me that the vast majority of park 'users' drive there, sit either in or next to their car for a while, and then go home..

This actually suits me, because all of Home Park, and the parts of Bushy Park that are furthest from the car parks are a joy as they are usually totally empty, whilst the parts nearest the car parks are full with people.

Whilst I would still say that I am in favour of parking charges, I also think that an alternative could be to leave them free whilst reducing the penetration of traffic into the park by closing the smaller of the two car parks. This would be a good solution both for those who cannot bear to be more than 30 seconds from their cars as well as those who want to use the park for a much needed break from traffic.

Too far to walk to the park which is a lifeline as far as I am concerned.

i also suggest that if there is an unavoidable need to generate more funding for the parks clear details are published regards the objectives of this funding. ie what are they going to spend the money on? i trust it wont be tarmac for the car parks or speed cameras for the push bikes. i think the car parks should have a nominal free limit of say 4 hours and perhaps charging for rush hour traffic but a flat £3 charge for frequent users is stupid. public transport is a long way fro the answer, if you dont agree look at the new car sales statistics and weep buddy. just leave the parks as they were intended free for the people to use, and forwarn users now and again to look down. if they are worried what animal dropped the mess i am sure park patrol could identify which of the many native mamals to be responsible.

the petition is one thing and i would sign without hesitation. i have used the park for year, my wife has lived in there and near as a keen equestrian. Her mother is a patron of white lodge and runs ballet lessons for kids. as a family we are keen dog owners and responsible however the dog can be out in the wilds far from us and in theory now land me with a £50 fine. the ridiculous question is only going to get the response of the pedestrian, what driver in their right mind would say yea charge me?

or just get the K2 bus to surbiton hospital and walk.

If they do introduce parking fees, I can't see any reason why the k2 couldn't be extended to run closer to the kingston gate.

Have you ever thought about taking the ferry from Harts Boatyard and getting to Home and Bushy Parks that way? It will cost a couple of pounds, but no more than the petrol costs of driving there from Surbiton.

It may be a selfish view, but I would never sign a petition like that. Anything that reduces the traffic levels in the park can only be a good thing as far as I am concerned. The worst offenders are the ones who just use the park as a short cut, but encouraging people to walk there rather than drive can only make it a nicer experience for all of the park users.

Allowance needs to be made for those taking elderly and disabled people to enjoy the park, but I can't see the problem with encouraging others to walk instead of driving or pay for the priviledge of parking.

what a fantastic idea. I'll get my 8 month pregant wife, our other two kids, baby bottles, changing mate, lunch boxes, picnic blanket, football, nappies all in a big rucksack, two bikes and scooters, nana, grandpa with a dodgy hip. Then we will get the bus to Harts boat yard for a fiver, the boat, couple of quid you say - its cheap for 3 adults these days, then walk half mile the other end into the middle of the park.

Im really rather daft, wait & entertain two kids, bus, wait & entertain two kids, boat, walk half a mile, enjoy park, walk half a mile, wait & entertain two kids, boat, wait & entertain two kids, bus. 20 quid, a hernea, 6 hours out the house, easy peasy, sirry me.

You sir,are having a laugh.

There wont be much room to park with you lot there,still could be worse you might have had a couple of Great Danes in your Charabanc,and for that reason I will certainly not sign the petition.

You squire have taught me a new word. Loving the Charabanc, initially thought it was a bug 4x4 gas guzzling chelsea tractor, the all new Ford Charabanc!
Loving your work.
Would never have great danes, anything that eats more than I and tis better endowed shant live in my Finca.

No, you are right. I'd just pay for parking.

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