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I have just recently taken early retirement and moved to Surbiton. I am still interested in life, bright, funny and like to socialise. My question is this: where are all the other aged 50+ men and women in this area who are free during the day and would like to get out and meet others in a similar position?


Surbitons charm is that one can live life quietly and unobtrusively whilst still able to buy what is required and enjoy the river views and the proximity to both central London and the airports.
Many early retirees spent 30 or 40 years battling with commuting,leading ferociously busy lives and working very long hours,meeting and dealing with people many of whom they found distasteful or corrupt or both;therefore they keep a low profile and shun anywhere that may require polite chat and a form of mano y mano interrogation to find someone they can get on with without any alterior motive.
I know as I retired at 56 and have never enjoyed life so much as I do now in this uniquely private and sedate town,it is a joy to live here.

I am not sure that there will be that many people in your position, unfortunately. The central part of Surbiton has houses that command a massive premium because of proximity to the fast train station, so people tend to move there whilst they work and move out when they retire.

There are quite a lot of retired people living in the outlying areas of Surbiton, but most are in an older age group than you. As mentioned above, the few people not working in their 50s are more likely to be the Wetherspoons contingent and not people like yourself.

Did you retire to Surbiton expecting there to be a lot of people in a similar position? Somewhere like Esher or Weybridge might be a better place to meet people. Neither are that far away and have a lot of independently wealthy older people, but again, many will tend to move away if not working because money goes a lot further when not on a fast commuter line that you are not using.

During the course of a day there are plenty of 50+ -ers in the Coronation, opposite PIzza Express. Most have varying degrees of eccentricity (a requirement to living in Surbo), and harmless enough, with sometimes entertaining discussions/loud debates to boot.
Check it out!

Surbiton is perfectly located between Gatwick and Heathrow which enables easy trips down to Port Banus, Ibiza, Praque etc where any self respecting 50 year with a few bob to burn can reduce his 'age' back to 30 year old.
Now that school is back in flights are mostly 'screaming kids free' and true relaxation can be easily achieved.
If you are smart enough to retire at 50 you will soon need a job to keep the little grey cells alive. This is where Waitrose plays a useful role. They seem to employ people from the era when we were taught to count and read properly to inspire the abundance of 'media studies, aromatherapy, photography and plasticine modelling' graduates.
Anyway you can hit the social ground running this weekend as its Surbiton Festival!

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