South West Trains getting worse again?

10 years ago...

I had a look on the SWT website today and they were talking about 'severe delays until 21.00' due to a person hit by a train at Wimbledon.

Obviouly it is very sad to hear about this happening to someone, but is SWT's response acceptable?

This was about 1pm, so even if the incident had just happened, that is giving them 8 hours to clear up and recover from the incident. Surely this is far too long?

I realise that the police have to be called, the power turned off and then there is a knock on effect with trains in the wrong places etc, but how long can it really take?

This is on top of a bad few months for SWT, both with this type of incident and in general. My train from Surbiton to Waterloo is scheduled to take under 20 minutes and for both of the last two days has taken over 30. The reasons? Yesterday, the train was 'late leaving Woking' and today there was congestion outside Waterloo'.

WHY? It is not as if they are doing this for the first ever time each day, you would have thought there would be some learning from experience.

SWT seem to have trouble running it's day to day service and just falls apart completely when something bad actually does happen.

The worst thing? When the guard comes onto the tannoy to give the latest excuse, he always ends with the line 'Thank you for travelling with South West Trains'. That is more than annoying and something I think they should consider changing.


The chaos last night wasn't as bad as promised, but my train still took 55 minutes to get to Surbiton from Waterloo due to a tardy guard and a broken door mechanism.

The 55 minutes consisted of 40 waiting at Waterloo and 15 actually travelling....

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