St Andrews School 1950's

11 years ago...

I stumbled across this rather impenetrable site. Not intuitive for the luddite, and obviously designed by supergeek.
However, what got my attention was the mention of St Andrews School, and the period of the 1950's.
I thought that I was the only person who could remember Mrs Durant, evidently not.
She was a very kind and great teacher ( I now realise), who inadvertantly started me on the road to the Arts and Crafts, which I have been involved in all my life, and still am.
It would be nice to share other memories of the School, its teachers and pupils, during the 1950's.
I think I started there in about 1951/2 and left for Surbiton Grammar in 1957. No happy memories from that place, I can assure you.
Some names of teachers which still are in my mind: Mr Horsley, Mr Charman, Miss Davis, Mrs Westlake, (who could wield a very stinging wooden ruler when required), Mr Mason, Mr Oettinger. But it is Mrs Durant that I think of not infrequently and with the greatest affection.
If you can remember, why not share your memories?


I was a pupil of this school from the age of 5 to 10 years of age and would love to hear from anybody who remembers me. I remember Mr Mason the headmaster, and Mr Horsley, but details of other teachers are vague. Any pictures of the classes would be fantastic
Colin Boreham

OMG I am so happy to have found your post Peter. I attended a little later than you. I have such fond memories of St.Andrews. Mr. Mason was the principal and he treated every child with the utmost respect. Miss. Faulkner was my arts and crafts teacher and she is the one that developed my love for painting which I am happy to say I still do to this day. I too had Mr. Horsley for math and dancing. I found a magical quality would come over him when he would put on his accordion, play the Irish, Welsh and Scottish melodies as we learned not only to dance, but to work together with one another. And I also remember the delicious lunches! I learned so many wonderful life values from this school and many wonderful memories. I too went to Surrey Grammar and did not have fond memories. Only stayed at Surrey Grammar for year and then our family moved to Twickenham. Now I live in Canada :)

I remember That school. I went there from 1957 and I also remember Mrs Durant, also Mr Mason the headmaster and Mr. Horsley who had a crooked finger so you were never sure if he was pointing at you or the kid in front.

Assembly used to include Mr. Horsley playing a piece of classical music on a record player that had a wooden case. It looked very expensive.



I was in the school a bit later 64 onward but Mr Horsley amd Mr Mason where still there. I will always remember Mr Horsley for playing the accordion at assembly. It was a marvelous start to life and I to still have a passion for the arts. I hope others do as well.

David Martin

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