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Still looking for a hairdresser in Surbiton. Rush??

6 years ago...

Rush have just opened in Surbiton. I looked at their price list, their top stylist ( apparently they are called Directors now) charges £72 for a cut and blowdry !!!! Goodness it is Surbiton not Chelsea. However on saying that they have 50% off at the moment. Has anyone been there yet, what are they like? Otherwise any recommendations please?


Everytime I go into rush I get questioned on how I made my appointment, don't call the call centre they say as it messes up their appointments. Second last time I went I had to wait over an hr to be seen. Last time I went my voucher was questioned. More talk about the call centre as I was accused of contacting them when I didn't. And I was told they had my colour records only to find out when I arrive they never were kept, put that with someone who didn't have a clue how to color women's hair and let's just say I won't be going back.

I used to go to Essensuals but now go to Headmasters as they are far more flexible with evening appointments.

Kiki is terrific and a tad cheaper than Essensuals - highly recommend.

Opposite Waitrose, I went there recently, but the salon has no heart or atmosphere. I was the only person there with one stylist, old magazines, stylist eating out the back whilst colour was taking. And very expensive. So I am still looking for somewhere good ...

I had my hair done on Tuesday and it was amazing fantastic cut and colour and the colour was 50% off they do this every Tuesday apparently I was even given a glass of wine, I was so happy I have re booked in 6 weeks.

I had my hair done yesterday by Rush in Surbiton. I took advantage of the new client offer. Everyone was friendly, professional and I love my cut & colour. Have re-booked for 6 weeks :)

Glad you enjoyed it, but your generic comment sounds like you work there.
I used it today, and not only did they messed up my booking, but all I got was a 3 min generic bad haircut, and paid 44 pounds.
Really bad service.

I agree, I think most of these replies are blatant advertising. I go to Toni and Guy in Kingston, half head highlights is around £90 with a free blow dry, and no, I dont work there! They are not snooty or clicky either.

That price is average for a hair cut now. In Central you'll pay twice as much.

I would recommend Code the salon in Tolworth broadway. Not exactly surbiton, but a short bus ride from surbiton. The salon is a small place on a corner near M&S in Tolworth. I have been going there for approx 8 years. Consistent service and cut/colour every time. lovely staff every time too. The owner is very professional and friendly and there is always a great atmosphere. I have always been pleased with my cut and colour.

Wish I could help, I am looking as well. I have ruled out Mitch and Headmasters because of negative reviews, in fact I am looking for a hairdresser in Kingston, Claygate, anywhere close to Surbiton .. Getting desperate ! I want a good cut and colour, not extortionate, and somewhere I am not kept waiting when I have an appointment. Please don't reply if you work in a hairdressers, the answers are so obviously made up.

Rush live up to their name! Get you in and out as quickly as possible and my hair now looks a mess. I will be going back to Amy and Hair By Mitch.

I have a hairdresser who comes to my house. I live in surbiton and she's great. I would never change to anyone else now.

She's also very reasonable because she doesn't have the overheads of a salon. I recently went brunette after 30 years a blonde and I would never had done it if I didn't trust her as much as I do.

If anyone is interested let me know and I can provide details.

Hi, could you give me a contact please I'm desperate for a mobile blow dry for a wedding soon. Thanks, Sally 07964 803053

Yes please

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