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Surbiton Crescent

4 years ago...

I have just read an article about Surbiton Crescent's closure to cars. Does this mean cars cannot enter Surbiton Crescent from Maple Road, to enter Palace Road? It doesnt seem very clear, I dont want to get a fine!


I have just driven to Palace motors for my car MOT. Instead of risking surbiton crescent I went round the long way via Portsmouth Road, to get onto Palace Road. So those who may not know that this is one of the few extremely good garages in the whole area. They are now suffering loss from the surbiton crescent debacle. It is hopelessly unclear whether coming out of the garage if you can enter surbiton crescent or not. Already recently been fined twice I decided to go back out via Portsmouth Road, and just drive the long way round. Why is surbiton crescent blocked off now? It's madness. Please don't say it was a rat run as every road in sw London has traffic.

After long time I use this road to come to Kingston, did not noticed any changes as I have drive on the crescent to and from to Kingston. Unfortunately I received a penalty notice and I was shock to receive it.This is clearly "MONEY MAKING SCHEME)" from innocent drivers.

It's deliberate. If you create ambiguity you can gain the advantage. The council has changed. It's now malicious. Something has happened there and it's gone rogue.

What a staggeringly stupid idea this is,unless,of course,it is to raise funds for the aged,oh no I forgot the council can gouge home owners for that now,

Kingston council is transitioning from incompetence ala the Portsmouth Road debacle into a fascistic and fraudulent body of thieves, fining innocent motorists and harassing the population of Surbiton. We now have two roads suddenly set up to entrap people for extortion. The council have become a disgraceful imposition on Surbiton. Unless they are stopped, they will continue to squander our taxes and attempt further raids on us. What next I wonder? I would advise everyone to be hyper vigilant.

The current council is a disgrace, and I am starting to welcome every poor decision that they make as I hope it is one more nail in their coffin at the next election. We'll see!

Just in case anyone has forgotten, the current council leader Kevin Davis is a property lobbyist who only took the role in order to ease the path for his property developing friends to build oversized tower blocks and other inappropriate developments in Kingston town centre. There is no focus on anything else whatsoever.

Let's put if this way, I no longer "celebrate " the demise of Guy Fawkes on the 5th November...

From Kingston Council website:
"The proposal diverts traffic that uses Surbiton Crescent as a through-route. However, vehicles travelling to and from Anglesea Road, Palace Road and Uxbridge Road can still use the section of Surbiton Crescent south of Angelsea Road."

It seems quite clear, but a lot of people have been fined unfortunately.

The idea is that Surbiton Crescent will no longer be able to be used as a rat-run.

As long as you don't pass through a no entry to motor vehicles sign (motorbike and car on a white background in a red ring) then you won't get fined.

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