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Surbiton Festival. A bit of a let down

5 years ago...

I felt that this year's festival was not the same as in past years, the procession was hardly worth watching. A couple of brass bands and the Morris dancers, oh yes and a couple of old cars. Mostly lots of children and when the mums with pushchairs started coming through we thought it was the end of the procession, apparently it was members of something called Gymboree. Basically just the usual stalls, about two thirds as many as last year, lots of silver jewellery etc. and bric a brac. The best thing was the waitrrss on stilts, she is always the best thing about the Festival. Quite a disappointment. Not much effort. What do others think?


What a total let down. Pretentious jumble sale and pointless clapping of some old trout in a classic car. A celebration of everything negative about Surbiton in my opinion.

So, what exactly would you do to make it less 'pointless'? In fact, did you do anything to help the team of volunteers who run it? No, thought not. You just like to moan.

There is a way to make it less pointless and that is to scrap the whole feely feely touchy touchy pseudo culture and get Surbiton back to being a quiet discreet backwater.

I bet you're fun at parties.

Would not know have never been invited to one.

Total let down this year. The week long activities mostly done during the day - those of us who work can't attend events at 12-4pm!
The stalls were either the same as always or brands that don't have shops in Surbiton (Neals Yard anyone?) rebranding the festival didn't really do anything for it. Maybe having someone on the social media as the day went on would be a good idea.

We always go to our country place on farmers market and any silly festival type days such as skiing down the hill,stupid stuff.

It is a suburb,somewhere to live,not a community and all the better for it.

Wow. What a comment. Make sure you close your gates behind you.....

What an amazing community spirit. May I suggest you stay in your country 'place' permanently.

Oh no ion boy,Surbiton is great to live in just spoilt by theses odd crazies and the pavement bikers and dog pooh leavers,it is wonderfully suburban and anonymous which what most normal people expect when they move in.

I agree. My experience is that a lot of people turn out for this type of thing and really enjoy it. With the exception of the Surbiton Festival, all of these events can be easily avoided if they are not to your taste. You could walk around 95% of Surbiton this Sunday without even knowing that the skiing is going on.

The Festival obviously does take up a lot of the town centre, but is hardly a reason to leave town for most people.

It's always a let down. Too many children and expensive, mediocre street food

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