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Surbiton Hill Park (Surbuton end)

6 years ago...


My partner and I are relocating to Surrey through work and have settled on Surbiton due to the fast line to Waterloo and the buzz of Kingston within walking distance.

We are viewing a flat on the above street next week which from its rightmove description looks PERFECT!

However Most of what we know of the area is based on Google street view!

In summary, is it any good? Would people recommend?


I think it's a great location.

This part of Berrylands is quiet, leafy and very handy for Surbiton station, a mere 10 minutes away from the SHP/Parklands junction, where there's a flat for sale at the minute.
You'll also have a pleasant walk into Kingston town centre - via Cranes Park takes me about 25 minutes.

If you want to take the bus, you'll be on the K2 bus route which runs every 10 minutes to Kingston town centre and Kingston hospital. And you're 5 minutes walk from the 418 & 406 bus stop on the Ewell Road which bypasses Surbiton for a quicker direct route into Kingston. Similarly, the K4 goes into Kingston down Villiers Avenue, the stop's just beyond the railway bridge.

Parking is less frantic than other parts of Surbiton, and there is no CPZ ticket to buy.

On the Shops/bars and restaurant front, you're 10 minutes from Victoria Road, 20 mins from Maple Road. The Londis on the corner of Berrylands Rd & King Charles Rd looks tatty, and it is, but it's very handy as it sells almost everything imaginable. It can be a lifesaver.

If pubs are your thing, the Brave New World pub next to the Londis is jaded and has seen better days. You're equidistant from the much better New Prince and the Wagon and Horses, which is an easy amble down Cranes Park.

Regarding restaurants, the strip along the Ewell Road has Langleys and Positano which are both very popular. Casa Vivo does genuinely good food, but has struggled for atmosphere - it's decor and layout is very dated. Although walking past their window earlier this week, I spied some new lighting, so maybe they're revamping. The Ewell Rd has a few Indian restaurants as well. And a great Iranian pastry shop.

I'd agree with the comment above. Surbiton Hill Park is fine and is quite a lot cheaper than the centre of Surbiton and a lot of that is because it is nice to be within a 5 minute flat walk of the station.

The other thing to consider is general atmosphere of the place. Apart from the commute, I find it nice to be able to walk to Waitrose and the other local shops in 5 minutes, be right by the river and enjoy some of the nice pubs & restaurants along Maple Road. This might sound a bit silly considering that Surbiton Hill Park is not that far away, but I have found a lot of people in that locale drive into the town or just come in a lot less.

You are right about the advantage of having Kingston on your doorstep. There are fantastic shopping and leisure facilities there and it would be a pain to have to go further once you get used to it. The Surbiton end of Kingston around the Rose Theatre and Charter Quay is excellent. However, Kingston gets insanely busy around Christmas and the nightlife around the station area can be a bit feral, so that is another reason to have the local facilities of Surbiton as well.

Looks good and Surbiton is a great area. However Surbiton Hill Park is a good ten minute walk downhill to Surbiton Station , so its OK as long as you dont mind a ten to fifteen minute wslk home, uphill in the main! Think of the rain and snow in the winter as well. You would be better looking at Adelaide Road, Claremont Road, Maple Road areas and the Lovelace area the other end of the High St although it may cost you more. See the property in SHP and the area, which is also quite close to Berrylands station, but suss out the whole area near Surbiton Station and High Street at the same time. Good luck,its a lovely place to live.

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