surbiton slimmers ?

14 years ago...

Hi there,

I am currently following the weight watchers diet and have lost 10.5 lbs in 5 weeks.. I am looking for any other women or indeed men out there in Surrey.. particularly Surbiton/ kingston etc who are also dieting.. (doesn't matter what diet you are following) .. and who might want to chat about weight loss/ points/ excercise / recipe's or generally just chat and advise each other and share weight loss goals.
Please contact me on here, or e-mail me at



I joined Slimming World in Feb and lost half a stone so its going ok and I feel much better. I think I need to join a group to raise my morale and it makes me want to succeed more. They also have some really good recipes in their books and online which I have loved trying out.

Ive done a few weight watchers courses and found that i put the weight on the instantly after i left them, i had alot more luck with going to the gym as i found the habits actually took hold. Also it meant i could have cheeky binge once in a while ; -). Im looking at clubs in the area before i go back to a dieting program and will report back!!!


I guess i am just lucky and a male.
I have never really eaten any sweets or any spreads,i do not have a chipper.Ice cream is uneatable as i have sensitive teeth so i just eat mountains of veg,salads,meats,fish,pasta and rice washed down with a minimum of 10 mugs of builders tea a day and a fair few beers with red wine over the weekends.
I have always eaten breakfast which is porridge all winter and two weetabix all summer with skimmed milk and raisins.
My weight is always within 12st 12 and 13st 3 and i am 6' tall,all travelling within a mile of home is walked plus additional pleasure walks around the Surbiton conurbation results in an average daily mileage of 4 miles.
Seems to me one just eats less fat and sugar,enjoys everything else on offer and takes exercise at no cost to watch the weight stabilise.

Resist all blandishments to spend crazy sums on fad diets,gyms or cosmetic procedures and live a happy life. SIMPLES

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