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Surbiton Songbook music group

5 years ago...

I'm interested in setting up a local music group for adults playing popular music from the fifties through to the present day. It would basically be a relaxed get together where people who know a chord or two can all meet up and play/singalong in a local venue/meeting place. Guitars, ukuleles, basses etc would all be welcome but I can try and adapt the group for all kinds of instrumments - it would be nice to include people who played an instrument at school but haven't picked it up for 20 years and fancy giving it another go!
We could choose songs together in advance to give people a chance to practise. The idea is people don't need to worry about their standard, it's purely for fun and to improve people's skills by playing in a group enviroment.

Before I get into the nitty gritty of when, where and how much I need to gauge if there is any interest, so please contact me via the forum or at



It's happening!!!!!

Details as follows....

SONGBOOK - Guitar and Ukulele Session
Tuesday 10 March 8:00pm to 9:30pm £5
The Hook Centre, Rehearsal Studios, Hook Road, KT9 1EJ

This night is a chance to meet up with some other acoustic guitar and ukulele players to play and sing through some great songs. The music could be anything from the sixties onwards so there should be something for everyone. Songsheets will be provided on the night. Don't worry if you aren't a confident player, this will be a relaxed atmosphere where participation is more important than being perfect. Singing along isn't mandatory and the songs won't be too taxing.

Banjos, mandolins or just people who want to come and sing along are very welcome too.
So if you like music ranging from The Beatles to The White Stripes then come down and we can make it a regular event!

If you see this thread are interested head to our newly started facebook page. The session happens fortnightly, next one is on the 19/5

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