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Surbiton Station Mini Cabs

7 years ago...

Does anyone know who to complain to about the company? I live next to them and with them working 24 hours they make so much noise, you call them and they laugh down the phone when you ask them to keep the noise down.
I don't even want to know what germs are floating around the back of the station, I've seen them using it instead of going in to the bathroom.
Is it the council who gives them the 24 hour licence?


Been over a year since my last comment and I continued to use them, but have now deleted the number from my phone & will look elsewhere.

Last year, I'd booked one to pick me up on my return to St Pancras and they picked up someone else & left me stranded…. not happy about that, but thought I'd give them a final chance.
This year they charged me an extra £17 to St Pancras because they had to fold a seat in the people carrier… I wasn't happy about that, so time to seek an alternative company for me.

Contact the surbiton neighbourhood police. One booking for indecent exposure will stop their al fresco pisssing pretty sharpish.

Like it - that's sound advise. Neighborhood police used to have an office in the Y, if you go there there's a note on the door giving new address and location, but you could prob find the number more easily.

I particularly hate the way they stand outside the office smoking. I walked past the other day and one of them blew smoke into my face (admittadtly by accident I think)

And they have the audacity to charge £5 to drive me and my PC to MetaCube - a 3min drive

Complain to Kingston Council they will sort them out

RBK will do diddley squat. Their Contact Centre is inept. I still say your best course of action is just to walk round there and have a chat with the shidt manager. If he can't help, just ask for the owner's name and contatc number

Why don't you go round there and tell them face to face? Face-to-face invariably gets better results

I wouldn't go face to face if I were you - I tried that and got told to 'F**k off' and now every time I walk past they point and laugh at me. If you complain to them they make a point of being rude to you from then on. And they told my friend the 'police wont believe people who live on a council estate, so just try calling them'
They now have friends who hang out with them all night now too and get drunk outside. Oh and they blowing smoke at you? Bet it wasn't done by accident, they do it to a lot of people. They also wont move when blocking the whole pavement as it 'belongs to them'.

I've called them at 3am to ask them to stop playing music/singing/shouting/play football before. Once the guy pretended he couldn't understand me and hung up. The other times they say they'll tell them to be quiet and then don't - I called back and asked a gain, I can see them from my front room, he went outside and I heard them moan about it and a lot of 'Oh for f**ks sake'.
Next time I'll call the police. Sitting under the tree outside the Glenbuck flats talking all night means I'm awake as my room faces that side. Maybe if its the police they'll get the message.

This is my 'go to' cab company when I need one as they're cheap. Given the above comments I think I might try to find an alternative, even if it costs me a couple o' quid more.... as I'd like to 'support' the folk that are suffering a bit.
Solidarity in Surbiton!!!! :-)

They ended you having a physical fight amongst themselves last night. Lots of shouting at each other. Hopefully they'll implode soon and go away.

I think you might be right about the imploding - just heard one shouting down the phone that another driver was a M****r F****r who stole his fare and needed to return to the base asap. Charming for 1.15am

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