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That’s it, I’m out of here, this [upgraded] website is crass

11 years ago...

That’s it, I’m out of here, this [upgraded] website is crass

After 3 years I’ve had enough of

Bad web design, unprofessional and over reactive admin (webmaster)

Enjoy, I’m off to build a neighbouring town website with pride and professionalism

(I bet this post is deleted real quick aye ‘webmaster’ Andrew !)


Why doe we need an option why can't they be in date order like every other forum I go on. What exactly is the benefit of having them all over the place in a disorganised jumble.

This is so users can reply directly to other users comments, makes perfect sense to me, as Anon pointed out, we do have freedom of choice over this method of display, why can't other forums offer this option, Well done

Who are you ANON? Have you not got a username? Don't be shy!

Yes, why are the posts invariably jumbled up and not in date order? Other sites seem to get it right. Why not
And while I'm having a moan, why are so many of the people on this site so aggressive and unfriendly? It certainly bears no relation to most of the ordinary Surbitonites I meet day to day in the town centre shops who are pleasant and helpful. I'm a member of several other web forums and nowhere else do I find this level of hostility.

As for this constant complaint about people being 'anonymous' what is the difference exactly between someone giving their identity as, say, SAPPHIRE8 and someone calling themselves 'anon'?

Why single me out, david? I also have a photo attached, I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of, my conscience is clear. I think the real concern is why would people deliberatly choose to conceal any form of identity and the answer to this can usually be found in the content of their comments. Perhaps you would like to meet for a drink sometime, I live just off Maple Road, near the Grove Public House, I was born in Kingston, went to school here and I study at and work for Kingston University. How about you?
P.S. Any really dodgey comments can be reported to the appropriate authorities, IP adresses are tracable don't you know.

One other point regarding Raven's Ait.
Now that the hate-monger/s have been silenced, has anyone noticed how certain users are now commenting on threads that are up to 4 years old, is this a vain attempt to keep this current, relevant and popular issue off the recent comments column?

Erm, Have you not noticed the options at the bottom? You can list teh comments how you like


The rude posters seem to get away with it and I doubt if things will change they should have to identify themselves at the very least instead of hiding behind the mask of anonymous.

its the amount of rude and racist posts that are written by "anonymous" that get me plus the posts all seem jumbled up and in no particular order

Please flag any rude or racist comments to bring them to our attention. We will act on all that we are aware of.

PS, Andrew [webmaster / admin], I’ll let you know how to administrate a website real soon

Clearly our April Fools 'site redesign' joke backfired in your case. Long time users may have recognised it as one we used years ago.

We're sorry to hear you're leaving us, but please keep in touch to let us know how your web site is getting on.

Incidentally, who's Andrew?

Mr Ron, You have only been here 2 weeks and 1 day. Talk about impatient.

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