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Is there a co-working / desk space for web/media types in surbiton? I'd like to set one up.

8 years ago...

I've posted an ad on this in the classifieds section, but I'm also interested to hear peoples thoughts.

I'm a freelance web guy, who's staring to feel the a pinch of cabin fever that goes with home working. I'm totally inspired by Tech Hub in london that offers co-working space for like minded Tech and media types, but having spent 20% of my working life commuting, I'm looking for one in surbiton.

Does anyone know if such a place exists? And would anyone be interested in getting involved - I'd like to set one up.

The concept is to pull together a band of like minded people who can share some common work space. Simple, but the benefits will be huge. Networking, idea sharing and low costs (lower than a monthly travel card to london!)

I have already found a very simple but cool studio workspace, I've 2 or 3 potential co-workers in the pipeline but am looking for another 8 people to make it fly.

This is a not for profit venture. I'm only interested in creating a nice environment to work and I think there are enough people in Surbiton and Kingston make this possible.

Please let me know your thoughts below - and get in touch if you are interested. Matt - 07968 443407


The space looks really nice in your ad, very bright and stylish. I am currently renting a desk in Surb for £280pm but the space isn't amazing and would be embarrassed to bring clients here to be honest... Your idea sounds great unfortunately I am tied into a 3 month notice contract so may be in touch after then if there is space available...
I think a lot of home workers find cabin fever, lack of social interaction to be an issue particularly after a year or so. I think your ideas is a good one and sure it will be popular. Will pass on to any one I know looking for space.

That's great news. We've had some interest but we're still looking for someone.

We've put together this video to show it off a bit

Even if you're thinking for the future, drop us a line and come over for a coffee. It's always good to know more home workers in Surbiton if nothing else.

Matt 07968 443407

Hi Matt,

I'm interested but that link's not working currently.


Just wondering if you still have some room and can send me a link to the video.

Here is a video to give you a taster.

If anyone is interested call me on 07968 443407


Matt, do you have any space in your studios? Sue

Hi Matt, is there space for one or maybe two people in this shared office?


We're a creative business in The Studio, a converted Victorian telephone exchange, all high ceilings and wooden floors so bags of character. We have some unique desk space which would ideally suit others in the design or web business. You can take a peek at

If you're interested drop me an email

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