12 years ago...

Anyone any memories of this pub demolished in the early 00s.

Had BIG claims to fame. Bowie (Ziggy era), Zep, Free, Jethro Tull, Fleetwood Mac & others played there.

Fred - dad of John - Lennon also worked as a barman for a while


Anybody remember the name of a, maybe, resident band under the name of Bert Giddins in the 60's ?? My band played there in the '60's as Candy Bus. I remember Lennon's dad being around.

My dad said Lemmy played there also with Hawkwind.

Saw Joe Cocker there in late 1968. He was up on a small triangular stage ... it was the same week that "with a little help from my friends" was at number one. The place was packed.

He changed the lyrics to 'What do you smell when you turn out the light/ I can't tell you, but it sure smells like mine'

Guess they must have booked him earlier as his star was beginning to rise .

Remember it well. And remember him changing the words too. Jeez nearly 50 years ago!

Damn, so they knocked it down, did they? I saw John Mayall there, featuring Mick Taylor; and Jethro Tull before any bugger had heard of him; and Champion Jack Dupree. Tempus fugit. But the beer was dreadful.

Twas before I liked beer so no problem. Tull, Chicken Shack, Savoy Brown, Mayall seemed to be on once a month. I think I remember going to see Ainsley Dunbar's Retalliation one week but they had cancelled. Got Led Zep instead. That pub should never have been knocked down.

Thanks for adding the link to my article. It was a great time for live music. Other venues included the Coronation Hall, Kingston Poly, Ewell Tech and who can forget the infamous "Three Fishes".


Steve King

Yes I remember The Three Fishes! Can’t remember who I saw so blurry! 1968/69/70 but went often!

Remember these but havent seen any photos of them? Can anyone help?

No, but I wish I did.

It must have been great living in Surbiton in those days and be able to see top bands in the Assembly Rooms and the Toby Jug right on your doorstep. I guess it was reasonably cheap as well?

Even seeing middling acts these days involves a trip to central London and laying out £25+ per ticket to stand with 5,000 others - hardly a cheap and intimate experience!

I notice Led Zep played there as well. If they ever play again, it is likely to by £100's per ticket and a crowd of 80,000!

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