Two burglaries in Lovelace Gardens in just 2 weeks due to YMCA

15 years ago...

Two burglaries in Lovelace Gardens in just 2 weeks due to YMCA filth

A defenceless, elderly lady in a ground floor flat broken into and life-long gifts and things stolen and a garage broken into and contents missing

The content of the YMCA are filth

God will not forget this rubbish for their deeds


There was another break-in in Lovelace Gardens this morning (friday) and it WAS a YMCA resident who was arrested at the scene

Bible Basher,

I have said on a number of occasions that the YMCA needs to be regulated more closely and that the criminal element needs to be thrown out. In view of your comments maybe you should contact the BNP I am sure the likes of them would love to meet you.

Most of the 'pro YMCA' posters here don't live in or around the immediate area, that’s why they keep constantly saying ".. it isn’t a problem" or "I have more things to do with my time than keep moaning about the YMCA" That’s because you don’t walk past the dump 2-4 times a day!

If you live in say, Minniedale or The Mall et-al you would probably never pass the 'poo hole'!

There was a rastafarian ‘thing’ yesterday on the steps, cat-whistling to a mature lady pushing a baby buggy, and we are supposed to ignore this filth else feel the consequences of this site

Now that the lazy, useless MP for Kingston and Surbiton has got involved, maybe just maybe, this dump will close

Whats the guys race or religion got to do with his actions? would you have felt the need to mention their race if they were white?
bad or intimidating behaviour is bad or intimidating behaviour no matter your ethnicity. I agree contact the local BNP they can do with your support and would probably gladly welcome yet another ignorant member to their already ignorant band of dimwits

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The above text has been deliberately disemvowelled as it is in breach of the terms.

Qt "Wht’s th gys rc r rlgn gt t d wth hs ctns?" Strng hw y'r s prtctv twrds th s clld thc mnrty n th YMC bt fld t pck-p n hs ctns twrds th 'ldy' pshng th chld n prm! Ws th ‘rst’ dscrbd by th N wrd?, ws th 'ldy' dscrbd s wht? f h/sh sttd tht th prptrtr hd trbn, brd, shrt, tll, ml ,fml; wht 'st r ‘sm wld y hv sd? Smply nthr Chrstn 'lly lvrd' 'pt th wrld t rghts' wnnb nd ts yr lttd tht wll llw th BNP t xcl Nw g nd sv whl r smthng qlly s sfl

The above text has been deliberately disemvowelled as it is in breach of the terms.

Quote .. August 19, 2008 - 5:33pm — Anonymous

"Well said. Do something about it don't moan"

Like what, I/We have contacted the 'authorities', press and posted on sites like this, so what’s your now intellectual reply going to be?

I bet a lot of you steal things from work and fiddle your expenses and then go home to read about a burglary in Lovelace gardens and get on your high horse and point the finger people down on their luck who have to resort to living at the YMCA. Not everyone that lives there is a crook - I'm sure and the YMCA establishment doesn't condone nor approve of crime in the local area. I'd be interested to know what the outcome of these burglaries are; if the perpertrators get caught it would be interesting to know where they live.

Interesting that the crime figures given by the Metropolitan Police ( don't include the City of London where decent and respectible citizens go to trade in arms, insider trading and pension scams. Oh sorry, didn't mean to generalise, I'm sure most of them are upstanding members of the community.

You should also think that be generalising you are really just taking a shortcut to thinking. Its much easier to point the finger at a group and say "bad" than to consider that whilst there is truth in a generalisation there is also much mistruth. Well known generalisations include racism, homophobia and xenophobia. Is it too much for you to handle, thinking before opening your mouth? I'd hate for you to have to push aside some of that limited brain capacity for important information like football, Heat magazine and what's on television this evening.

What I mean by my post is the proportoned 'blame' on the YMCA on the thread (and several others on here)

as I've said on other threads - people need to be responsible for their own actions, you can not expect the YMCA to put in regulations as it is after all a hostel - it's not a bail hostel, not a secure unit etc
unfortunatley places like this are being used by the council as a 'dumping ground' for difficult to place residents -

this - again - goes back to my belief that this is a much wider 'problem'

if anything there needs to be propper evaluation of 'housing need' - approprriate placing, stronger policing and 'follow up' by probation etc for habitual offenders, I do not condone people breaking the law, or dispute that there are problems with the YMCA

but the bigger picture needs to be looked at, and pro-active things need to be done (prehaps by those who continually write about it on this board?) rather than just 'slagging' it off but taking no action.... just my opinion and I am fully aware some people may not agree with me

Well said. Do something about it don't moan.

I agree that the YMCA needs better regulating but I refuse to become obsessed with it, anyway I have better things to do with my time.

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The above text has been deliberately disemvowelled as it is in breach of the terms.

Get real !!

It isnt 'due' to the YMCA as you put it in the title of the thread!

It is due to the perpetrators of the crime - who may be residents of the YMCA at the time,

repsonsibility for crime is down to the perpetrator not their accomadation!!!!

there are criminals living everywhere - not just in the YMCA!!

Erm, not sure I agree.

The reason that these properties were burgled is because the perpetrators were being housed in unsuitable accommodation in the immediate vicinity at the time.

People who are pre-disposed to this sort of behaviour need to be housed somewhere with a bit more control than the YMCA, or the YMCA needs to increase it's level of control to enable it to house this type of person without adversely impacting the local area.

As it stands, the YMCA does present a threat to Surbiton as it is being referred people that it cannot control.

The YMCA is filled of filth, the rubbish of the world

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You people are obsessed with the YMCA! you are making me laugh now actually. God will punish you for being so intolerant and you will all go to hell

h rlly ... gt bck t chrch

The above text has been deliberately disemvowelled as it is in breach of the terms.

I hate seeing this scum walking through the town centre, making it feel less safe, but they seem too lazy to walk the half mile to my own road and cause hassle there.

I sincerely hope that continues, but I feel very sorry for the people of the Lovelace Roads, Victoria Avenue etc - nice, residential roads that the council have left directly in the firing line. Something has to be done about it.

Cld y r-phrs yr frst sntnc s t dsn't rlly mk sns. Rd t gn, nd thn rls yr gnrnc.

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