Upper Brighton Road- Traffic Noise

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My husband and I are looking to move to Surbiton from SW, London. We have seen a flat on Upper Brighton road which we both really like. However, I am unsure of the traffic noise inside the flat as it seemed a very busy road when we were there.

I am a light sleeper and dont prefer traffic noise inside the flat and the flat has double glazing and good insulation etc.

Please could someone advise of how bad does traffic get on that road and is it really noisy at all times?

Your response will be much appreciated.



I used to live in a house overlooking the Upper Brighton Road, about 35 feet from the road and the heavy road traffic noise was constant. I did have double glazing but one often wants to open windows, especially in hot weather or if it happens to be a kitchen or bathroom window overlooking the road. Yes, one gets used to noise to an extent but eventually I moved after eight or nine years to a quiet back road with little traffic and it is blissful.

There are loads upon loads of flats in Surbiton, of all sorts and sizes, most of them on far less noisy roads than Upper Brighton Road. Take for instance the roads Lovelace Road and Lovelace Gardens, off Upper Brighton Road. Have a stroll along them, both very pleasant roads, with not as much heavy traffic and with masses of flats. I don't know how you could fail to find another suitable flat in Surbiton.


I'm not a resident of UBR, but I'd imagine that the actual noise level will depend on factors such as
* how the flat is constructed, eg single walled Victorian conversion v's filled cavity. Location of vents, etc
* what floor you're on.
* how far back from the road you are.

Many of the UBR flats are set well back and are modernish, so mightn't be badly affected at all.

Why don't you ask if you can come back for a late evening time viewing. I'm sure the vendor wouldn't object.


Thanks for your reply. The flat is modernish, has cavity wall insulation + double glazing etc. We will be on 1st floor and the building is set back by about10-15m from the road and also has evergreen trees at the edge of the road. The windows were open when I was there for the viewing, so have got another appointment to view it in the evening.

Hi - we live on Upper Brighton Rd and you are right, traffic noise is an issue. It's the only thing I don't like about living here. The problem is buses and lorries, sometimes they thunder past at night and the house literally shakes. Also general speeding is a problem - people drive far too fast down the hill We've seen many accidents over the years, usually at the junction with Walpole Rd. Some kind of traffic calming needs to be introduced there. I've got used to it of course, but our next house will be as far away from a busy road as possible!

If you think its going to bother you then it definitely will.

Hi, Many Thanks for your reply.

We have been looking to find a flat for the past 4 months and this is the first one we could see ourselves living in, and it looks like we might not go for it due to the traffic noise.

I have previously lived in a building next to a busy road and you are right, you do get used to it...but I dont want to be in that situation again! :)

It will be a tough decision.

Thanks again.

We live on that road. Traffic does only bother us when windows are open. You may regret it . We love living there and noise is only thing we would change. We have lasted 22 yrs there and couldn't have afforded same house on quieter road. If you still in a dilemma, feel free to contact me and pop in to us and ' listen'! Gd luck.

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