Victoria Park Assault

19 years ago...

Has anyone got any news on what happened at Victoria Park over the weekend? Apparently there was a serious assault.
The park is directly opposite where we live and where my children play. I'm sure we'll hear shortly through official channels but I just wondered if there's a latest scoop.


They caught the man, though I'm only aware of one rape not 2. Apparently he used the woman's credit card and that's how the police caught him, he's from Tolworth. Not sure if he just preyed on her as she turned down the kfc road or not - it's very dark down there and more often than not people choose to cut through the park than walk around it. It's too dangerous cause there's plenty of places for someone to hide down that path, also it's not very well lit and there are very few people about. I also heard that someone was mugged down Windmill Lane which is further past Balaclava rec nearer to Portsmouth rd. This is shocking, surbiton may not be nice at night but i've never heard of these things happenning before, hopefully the man they have caught is the same man.

Yes and love to the poor victims, words cannot explain what they would have went through.

This is a really sad, sad amount of punishment will make this right.

Hearts out to her and her family.....I hope they catch the scum responsible, I truly do.

According to a hairdresser on the high street it was a rape- which is shocking. Apparantly there have been two over the past two months.

This is just what i've heard, may or maynot be true but I thought I'd pass it on.


All a bit of a coincidence with the YMCA rabble aloud to roam loose.

I don't know but myself and my wife were instructed to walk around, instead of straight through the park by a policeman on the gate at the end of the road with KFC.

As we reached the next gate the policeman standing there told us it was ok to walk through and we didn't see anything at all in the park - they wouldn't tell us what happened.

Great, another nice thing to happen in Surbiton.....kind of goes with my last postings wouldn't you say??

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