Villiers Road Recycling Center/ Tip

14 years ago...

If you are power crazed jobsworth and feel being a traffic warden just does not give you enough control then get a job at the dump off Villiers road.
I went today and it was insane. I'm all for recycling by these guys take the biscuit. They went through every bag with a fine tooth comb and had me routing around through bags of sawdust for the occasional piece of cardboard or scrap of wood.

Be warned: if you do want to visit this modern day fiefdom make sure that you have everything separated first down to its component parts. Wood, Metal, Rigid Plastic, Porcelain, Cardboard, Carpet, electronics, cans, bottles, crisp packets, etc. If not take a pair of rubber gloves and expect to be there quite sometime running around the site like you're on some crazy japanese game show.

Also, make sure you have your pass and i.d. It's only a matter of time before the parts they need to build their own body scanners too.

On the plus side, they are very polite with it and hardly anything gets by them to go into land fill - unless of course it is brought in by the skip load!


It appears that your driving license with you picture and address on, is not proof of where you live when you go there....but its good enough for the Police and even getting my passport.

But the plus side, Lloyd who works there is spot on.

I must be lucky I went along there at about 1000 yesterday and drove straight through security waving my new pass.

No problems except the guys told me i could not dump 4 old car wheels plus tyres and they had no idea who would accept any ideas folks?

Yeah, I have noticed this too, but it is not a bad thing.

My favourite is taking cardboard boxes down there (e.g. Printer etc) without breaking them down first. I did this last week, and the attendant ran over as fast as he could, shouting 'Oi'. He was really concerned that some of the polystyrene inner packaging was still in there (it wasnt!). It was as if his life depended on it.


Was down there last weekend and had no trouble with them at all; not at all overzealous and seemed nice enough. Maybe that's just the weekend people?

Haven't been during the week, so can't comment.

Been a lot over the past few weeks (both weekends and weekdays), and had no trouble plus found them very helpful... and Lloyd always brings a smile :-)

From observation they might be "overzealous" if you don't know what goes where and assume its all landfill, but the council (and hence us) pay for landfill, so its a good thing they are doing... and they (from what I've seen) have always been nice enough about it.

it seems like a pain in the bottom all right.
But the guys there do seem to have a sense of humour and are pretty helpful.

I do hate the fact we have 5 boxes/bags to put outside the house each week, but the binmen are quite good at accepting stuff that has been accidentally mixed together. Seems they have a dose of common sense!!

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