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Vince the hairdresser - where's he gone?

9 years ago...

I've had my hair cut for ages by the wonderful Vince at Hair by Mitch on the Brighton Road. I've just phoned to make an appointment to discover that he has left.

Please help if you know where he is, or can give me any clues. I've got a job interview next week and a Vince haircut will give me confidence.

Lesson for life - if you have a hairdresser that you really like, make sure you exchange email addresses with them during the good times, just in case...


last i heard, Vince was cage his arced kissed last saturday week in Tolworth;-)

I heard he got beat as well on points. Fair play to him for getting in there though. I dont think I could ever do something like that (I wouldnt want somebody yanking on my blonde locks). Hope he is okay

Possibly the worst haircut I've ever had a Surbiton Headmaster's! I would strongly advise not to go!

I have a gent's haircut (not fussy, very simple cut in my opinion) I went a few weeks ago and I have never seen anything like it!
Both sides were completely different and the top was thinned out so much that I looked ill, but what can you do once it's cut?!

The stylist ( I use the term loosely) Was more worried about her own appearance and did not stop going on about herself for 45 mins

Before I knew it I had a shocking haircut and was asked to pay £33!!

I have heard nothing but bad things since it arrived there, I don't want to embarrass the girl by saying her name but I would recommend just not going there

And one more thing, From what I have found out, two stylists have no qualifications and are 'self taught' the Headmaster's way!

I am still waiting for my hair to grow back before I can go anywhere else

Go and see Amy at Hair by Mitch, She is amazing!

After a really awful experience at Headmasters I went to Hair by Mitch and Amy has totally saved it - I LOVE HER!!!

I had my hair done by Vince at home last week.He did my hair for about a year at Mitch's place and when he left Skippy took over but she has now left. Was wondering whether to go to Headmasters as had no intention of going back to Mitch and out of the blue I spotted him in Waitrose so got his number and he came round and gave me a really good haircut. Thanks Vince

At last I will be able to locate him. Vince did my hair at Mitch's and when i tried to get an appointment with him I was told he had stopped cutting hair as now is full time cage fighting. Mitch recommended me to Janine and although a nice girl it was no where near as good as when Vince had been doing it. I could even put up with his terrible jokes as I loved what he does with hair. Hopefully I will be able to catch up with him soon

was wondering where he had gone. Tried Headmasters and Hair xcell as I couldn't find Vince anywhere and although they were okay, they werent a touch on what Vince had done to my hair

Today must be your lucky day as Vince and I have just moved into Surbiton together! Sadly not in time for your interview but you can contact him on - he is working freelance now and will either come to you or you can come to us!

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