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Virtual collapse of the mail delivery system

8 years ago...


Has anybody else noticed the sharp deterioration of the mail deliveries in Surbiton in the last three weeks.

My mail used to come about 10.00, which is already pretty bad considering that 20 years ago it was before 9.oo

Then I realized that it came about 11.00

I opened the door and it was not the normal postman, but an older lady. She has a pushtrolley instead of the bikes they used to have. I asked her what had happened and she said there hand been changes and there were less people.

Since then I have not seen the bikes , and the only postpeople I have seen in the town, are to be frank my age.

Nothing wrong with that except Amazon books now seem to take at least three days longer to arrive, and this morning the post only arrived at 11.45.


I live in Berrylands. I've noticed a sharp deterioration in quality. In the last 3 weeks, we've had mail for three different houses delivered to us in error. Only one of the streets was closeby.

If we're getting somebodyelse's mail once a week on average, I wonder who's getting ours. An online delivery has failed to arrive last week. Something dodgy / slapdash is going on.

Yes, now you come to mention it this seems to be the same experience I have.
Once upon a time (not that long ago), mail used to be delivered for years by the same bloke on his post bike every day around 09:30.
I was wondering why suddenly mail is being delivered thru my letter box anytime between 14:00-17:00, and yes, when I happened to meet the "new" postman on the stairwell it was an elderly chap with a pushhtrolley.

What IS going on I wonder?

Young people can't afford to work in jobs like this anymore. Unless they put in massive amounts of overtime, they are better off on benefits.

Just one of the legacies of the last government.

hahhahahahahahahhahahahah I just love the excuses, what you mean can't afford an iPhone, PS3, designer threads and Sky TV?????
Young people are just lazy and want it all for minimal work, too much for nothing i think sums it up!

Here's an idea put in the overtime and work a little harder and then enjoy the benefits of 'hard' earned cash like the rest of us!
I'm getting sick of pathetic excuses like this form the down right lazy.

Erm, I can actually afford all of those things (but I am not that young either!)

I agree 100% that young people should be working rather than claiming benefits, buy when benefits are so high and easy to obtain compared to a lot of jobs, I can also understand why they choose the wrong option.

The latest example of this I have seen is Tesco having to hire London based retail shift managers from Slovakia because they can't find anyone suitable over here. This has to stop, but removing benefits is the only way to do it, not telling young people they should be going out to work even though they could 'earn' more by sitting at home.

suitable enough or cheap enough?

I think you will find they are 'suitable enough' i.e. not affraid of hard working, speaking with people, following rules and taking pleasure in their job unlike you.

Looks like we have another Daily 'Nazi' Mail reader on here. Go on blame the so called 'cheap foreign workforce'. Sounds like you are jealous because they are every thing you are not and never will be. Always blame it on some one else, anyone else just as long as it's not yourself.

Why is just because a foreign worker gets the job it always means they are cheap labour?

Probably cheap enough, but that only goes to prove the original point - if we didn't pay out so much in benefits then these sub-£20k jobs might become a bit more attractive.

As usual people often miss the point with "low" paid jobs,they are an introduction to work and exposure to endless opportunities for promotion as large companies rarely advertise for internal jobs outside.

Good people of any nationality will be noticed if they are productive,alert and willing to learn and very soon progress,the sad fact is many of our home grown products expect to walk into a "good" job straight from school or college and the problem is many cannot deal with everyday business tasks of answering phones,writing business letters,interacting with different age groups and showing commitment.

Trying to find hard working sensible people to turn up every day and actually work hard is incredibly difficult so many small firms simply give up and stop growth plans or just employ family.

Benefits are almost an opiate once people become caught in a spiral of low self esteem and harbour unrealistic expectations of being "rich" at any cost or a "celebrity",there is no easy way it is hard work getting a job and it should be enjoyed and treasured if one gets one.

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