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Volunteer Opportunities?

12 years ago...

I'm searching for volunteer opportunities in Surbiton. Does anyone know where to start? Think old people, environment clean up, youth mentor, etc. Thanks!


The Environment Trust has recently started a programme of conservation volunteering in Kingston Upon Thames. Currently (Oct 2012) we're working along Tolworth Brook to improve access for walkers, promote a sense of 'ownership' for local people, deter anti-social activities and improve wildlife habitat. Check out the volunteering blog for more details
We provide all the tools, gloves, and light refreshments. Why not get involved if you're looking to gain experience in the field, or if you're a school looking for curriculum-based activities for your pupils (

Conquest Art are looking for someone to lead and support a weekly art class in Surbiton. Training will be given and support provided by a Class Assistant. The group is currently made up of 7-8 members and is held on a Wednesday morning.

For more information about Conquest Art visit our website at and if you are interested please email with a contact number or email and we will get in touch.

Best regards
Janet Grieve

There will be an evening where people from different background can join the samaritans group to help the community

It will be held pn the 07 th Oct in st andrew road kingston from 7:30 pm

Not sure about the building address but i can let you know later in the day

as i have seen it advertised in kingston local paper

Hogsmill Valley Walk

The Hogsmill River, like many urban rivers, is well used by local people, families and dog walkers. It also attracts walkers from further afield. Unfortunately this means that the river, its banks and paths also suffer from misuse and neglect, namely litter, graffiti and flytipping. Initiated by a local resident, the Hogsmill Action Group (HAG) project was set up to encourage and involve local people in caring for the Hogsmill River.

Each year HAG organise community events that provide an opportunity for members of the local community to come together to care for their local environment and in particular the Hogsmill River!

Join the Hogsmill Action Group

If you or a group/organisation you are part of would like to make a difference to the local environment by joining the HAG then please either use the contact details below or use the online form linked on the lefthand side of this page.
Telephone: 020 8547 5347

The Community Website

The Hogsmill Action Group now has a website where you can find out more details about the river and the walk as well as events and activities. Please visit the Hogsmill website by using the link below.
Related External Links:


I did some youth mentoring (after training) with the Admovier (?sp) project,
the training was in chessington but I ended up mentoring a chap in berrylands in a unit on the Alfa estate (when he turned up :P)

there is the Red cross in surbiton where I used to volunteer also at a evening club for the elderly and disabled, and I'm guessing its still going

Also the Alfriston (?sp) old peoples day centre usually accepts volunteers

prob a good place to start is the library or the youth place in kingston (sorry cant remember the name of it)
ops the O'neils pub, I also think there is a national webstie where you can put in your post code and they come up with local opportunities

dysart school may also accept volunteers (LD school)

also the mole valley project usually does environmental stuff and it might be worth contacting the green party as I'm sure they'll be able to advise, also the kingston green fair will prob be looking for volunteers for next may, or the quaker house in kingston has the peace council meetings and cnd held there so may also be able to advise

you usually have to have a CRB check before as I'm sure your aware

Please keep us updated with how you get on, and good luck

Not really a volunteering effort - but would anyone be interested in a mathematics tutor?
In a previous life, I was a maths teacher. So if anyone wants a tutor for their kid, or just general help with exam preperation etc - is this something that would be useful?


There is an excellent site i know called School of Everything that is designed for this sort of question. It lets tutors find pupils an vice versa.

Surbiton Volunteering:There is this volunteer organisation for Kingston which should cover Surbiton. They seem to have a mentoring(buddy scheme).
There is this more specific organisation("Surrey Hills" that seems to based in Surbiton and Epsom for wildlife conservation.

If you get really desperate for volunteering my back garden possibly fits in the "environment clean up" category you specify!

Thanks MCSURB, although I'm not sure I'm so desperate as to want to dive into your back yard hands first! Looks like a great start to my volunteer list. Does anyone else have some thoughts? you could be a volunteer in Surrey Police!!

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