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Was last old warning sign in London removed by Kingston council?

11 years ago...

Some time in November I passed an old roundabout red triangle sign (the type with the triangle on top used before 1963) at a dual carriageway in a bunch of signs on the central reservation. Being distracted I didn't note the location but going back on my tracks appeared to be opposite Tolworth Station on the Kingston Road. I went back a few weeks later and nothing was there, and doing a project to record every pre1963 sign I can find as they are fast disappearing, have learnt most London locations and visited the majority already.

There is a single red triangle in use today on Belmont Hill in Sutton, but for some odd reason they replaced the crossroads sign with a new one rather than painting it as I saw a photo and it certainly could have been fixed up. But other than that there are no known original signs in London left to go with the triangle, and as I only visit the area at weekends do not know it well enough to know the details. Kingston council are one of only two known to refurbish the old direction signs (one in Brighton Road and one Ditton Road) so very pleased with them, but seems a bit odd they should remove something which was the last part of history left.

Does anyone recognise the roundabout warning sign I mean? Was it indeed opposite Tolworth station (I have tried every other similar road in Hook, Sutton and Morden but pretty sure it was Tolworth) or is it still standing while I look everywhere else? Of course I emailed Kingston (response within 10 days) but 21 days later heard nothing.

I joined a forum in Dulwich as they had a number of old direction signs and as a result got eight photos although four more had gone before I got there (within a few weeks). Without their help I'd never have found half of them so know the power of local knowledge.

Finally here is the closest example (and the only photo I own) on Belmont Hill to jog the memory

An old head on young shoulders though.


Just an update, I have been told it was Transport for London who control these signs and am contacting them tomorrow but maybe someone with sharp eyes must have spotted this sign as well as although it was hidden among four others it must have been there since at least 1963.

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