Where is the best place to advertise a room to rent in my flat in Surbiton?

11 years ago...


I'm looking to rent a room in my flat, and have used various websites (gumtree, flatshare.com etc), but am having no luck at all yet. I suspect pricing has something to do with it, however, other flats I have seen advertised are a lot smaller than mine and you have to share a bathroom. My flat is really big, as is the room I am looking to rent, and it has its own bathroom.

If anyone knows of anyone wanting a room, or can suggest where would be good for me to advertise, please let me know.

Thanks v much


if you're searching where to advertise a room

- you can try http://realtyww.info/

It is free and international

Furthermore, every ad will be distributed to social medias.

Try http://www.placebuzz.com
I saw a stand for them near the station and they are doing their launch in Kingston and the surrounding areas

The best place in my opinion is Martin's (Post Office) - all my friends use their windows ads to find rooms, to let out, etc... I think it is the most visible and effective way to advertise in Surbiton.

A bit of a longshot, but it might be worth trying the ad boards in the windows of the newsagents around the station.

You will need to get a few pictures up as most people looking for a room will only go on price and location (i.e. distance to the station)

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