wood flooring restoration

14 years ago...

Can anyone help...? We've got block parquet in our 60's flat and are looking for a local company the sand, stain, seal, fill gaps and restore small areas where blocks are not sitting flat, are chipped and lifting.
We've had some complete cowboys in (don't ever use Carter Magee - they haven't even returned our keys!) and the floor needs completely re-working.

There are areas of different woods (stair treads & parquet) that need to be stained to match for colour.

Having been very messed around we're looking for someone trustworthy and who can carry out some quality work.


Errol - amazing freelance chap who's just done my floors and they look spectacular! Took 1.5 days from start to complete finish. 07796152901

We've just had ours done by this amazing guy who is freelance and the most hardworking chap ever! His name is Errol and his number is

Thanks Fi! I'll try Sandseal first of all... The lot on Brighton Road never got back to me despite contacting them a couple of times through their website. Funny attitude to take for a small local business.... guess if you want to stay a small business it's the way forwards!!! ;-)

i've just had my 60s parquet floor restored by Sandseal. Their quote was very reasonable and they did the whole job in a day. www.sandsealflooring.co.uk

A friend also recommended Woodpecker floors in Teddington, but they were quite a bit more expensive. http://www.woodpeckerfloorsltd.co.uk/

Good luck with getting the brighton road lot to look at your parquet floor....
We had a simalr situation, parquet floor that needed a small repair, sand and polish.....nightmare to get anyone out to sort it out.
Luckily we sold the house quickly so it wasn't needed in the end!

There's that wood floor place on Brighton Road. I've never used them, but they've been around for years.

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