Woodlands School, Southbank

9 years ago...

Did anybody attend this school between 1952 and 1958.


I am researching my family history and my mother Roberta Whittaker and her sister Diane Whittaker went to this school, I have their school reports from 1948 to 1951, if anyone knows them please would you get in contact with me or if you could share any photographs of the school or information my email address is donnalovegrove@btinternet.com
Thank you

Hi Raymond. Just saw your post and amazed to see my maiden name Lloyd-Priest there as that is me. My first name is Sian and now Davies. I remember going to a party in Glenbuck Court. I lived in Oakhill Road. Moved to Dorking in1957 and am now back in Wales (Pembrokeshire). Do you remember my friend Drummond Guy who went to New Zealand and died a couple of years ago. Best Wishes Sian

How extraordinary, Sian. Yes, now you come to mention it I do vaguely remember a boy called Drummond Guy (my memory is of Guy Drummond - but I was sorry to hear of his death in NZ) though I've only a dim recollection of a party at Glenbuck Court. Last time I walked up South Bank (a few years back) I was interested to see newly built flats named Woodlands on the old school site.
I now live in North Lancashire and my sister lives in Banbury (6 months) and France (ditto).
Isn't it strange how some names remain in the memory? You just might recall a Peter Buxton-Carr who I think was also at Woodlands in our time but what happened to him I have no idea. Perhaps he'll spot this site sometime.
Many thanks indeed for your fascinating contribution.

Only just spotted this correspondence but yes, Woodlands is certainly remembered by me, Raymond. I was there from about 1949-1952. Mrs Harold was my teacher and the school was run by a Miss Beavis and a Miss Ikin (my spelling of these venerable ladies' names could be faulty but perhaps someone will correct me). I think my sister Gillian may remember Jill Pearsall - I'll ask her - but my memory extends to a boy, Austin Short (I think that was the name because I distinctly remember that he seemed quite tall for his age!) and a girl whose first name escapes me but Lloyd-Priest may have been the surname. Initially I walked up from Glenbuck Court, our first family address after Father had been de-mobbed from the RAF.
My memory is of a well-behaved group of pupils but I recall nothing of the teaching and I may have spent much of my time gazing into the distance.

Hi, my brothers may well have been there then. Desmond, Guy and Simon Barron I didn't go until later as I was born in 1954. Regards Helen

Might Helen have been known as Felicity?


I was born in 1942 and must have attended between 1947 and 1950 when I got sent to Shrewsbury House School.
I remember having to read books like the 'cat sat on the mat'!

I am also called Keith and also attended Woodlands and Shrewsbury House. In the 1960s.

Hello, which Keith are you then?


David Waugh

A friend of mine, Michael Singleton, is thinking of creating a Facebook page dedicated solely to Woodlands Scool and re-unting any former pupils that want to be re-united.
I attended the school between 1958 (or possibly early 1959) until 1965.
David Waugh

I was there, Roger Hitch, in 1964 form VI and have just found a school report from that year. Principle - A Westwood.

I don't remember anything about the school or anyone there, unfortunately.

All the best .

Keith Lawrence?


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