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YMCA by Surbiton Village People

11 years ago...

I'm sure this has been done before but here is the musical version of Surbiton YMCA (thanks to Village People for tune):

Young man! there's no need to feel down
I said, young man! Come to Surbiton town,
I said, young man! There's a place you can go
There's no need to get a job now

Young man, if you want to score weed
I said, young man! crack cocaine, LSD
I said, young man! Here I know you will find
Many ways to get out of your mind

At Surbiton town's doss hole Y-M-C-A
The drugs and alcohol Y-M-C-A
They have nothing there that
A young man won't enjoy
There's no reason to be employed

It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A
In Surbiton's lovely Y-M-C-A
There's no need to be clean
They just give you your meals
You can live your life down at heel

Who cares! Residents think we're fright-e-ning?
The squares! They should try our White Light-e-ning!
We'll swear! Push and shove them as they go past!
They can all kiss my a s s!

Sainsbury's! Has a fantastic booze array
Go there! It's a shoplifters' holiday
No-one! Will dare stop you, just walk away
I'm on benefits, I don't pay

No fun to live next door to Y-M-C-A
Police should visit more the Y-M-C-A
They should close the place down
We'll take back our sweet town
Let us come out at night once more

One thing! That I should really add right here
Don't waste! Your time bending the old Bill's ear
Police! We can fend for ourselves
We don't need you to solve crimes here

Kingston! Council don't want to know because,
They think! It's just middle class moaning, well
Maybe! They should come down here for a while
Try living in our world

The grim reality of Y-M-C-A
The thieving drugs and litter Y-M-C-A
Cross the street to avoid
Fag butts, fighting and noise
And you wonder why we're annoyed

If I could move away from Y-M-C-A
Then I'd forget about the Y-M-C-A
I'd live peaceful and free
Raise my family tree
Never worry bout my safety


LOL, circulated around ‘The Vic’

Bravo! Who's going to join you in the video?


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