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15 years ago...

Hello, It's me again.

Just been reading more about declining standards in Surbiton. Yes. Baseball capped yobs bellowing out at night after getting drunk, throwing cans and smashing bottles and everything they can and torching cars. It happens a lot in Littlehampton just down the road. You must not lay a hand on the little darlings and the police are not interested. Unless you have got witnesses who are brave enough you may as well give up.

Once they (we) used to occupy our time at night school or have hobbies or at least do something useful and constructive and we knew how to behave with respect for law and order, but all that is past. We now have the lowest standard of education in Europe, all types of crime are rife, and our legal system is laughable. We allow anyone in our country under the pretence of asylum seeking and readily accept them if they have useful skills, because our own nationals do not receive or will not accept education to fill the vacancies. We even house and clothe them and give them money while our own youth cannot even aspire to owning their own properties one day because the price of property everywhere is increasing to ridiculous levels.

This growing hopeless situation is leading to widening social divisions in a country of haves and have nots, where the have nots turn to crime to get what they want and to fund drug habits to overcome their dispair amongst other reasons.

Our social problems are almost beyond control and it does not matter who one votes for, it is not going to be put right overnight. These are facts Surbitonians whether you choose to accept them or not. You have on the one hand very expensive properties on one side of the road and a taste of the horrific growing social problems on the other in the YMCA.

I live surrounded by old Londoners who would not return for all the tea in China, but it is only a matter of time before these problems overrun us unless we act now and all voice our fears loudly and vote for someone who is going to get really tough on every issue. Otherwise we may as well sell up and flee across the water while the price of property is still reatively cheap over there.

That's it for today my freinds. Pete.

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