20mph speed limits loom for all but four roads in Surbiton

Motorists are a step closer to being forced to drive at 20mph on all of Surbiton’s residential streets – barring four main roads – after a consultation into the changes was extended by councillors.

Ewell Road, Portsmouth Road, Upper Brighton Road and Hook Road will retain their 30mph limits.

It comes after a series of bitter rows between Surbiton neighbourhood councillors over limits already imposed in the district, including in Claremont Road, Surbiton Hill Road, North Road and Dolphin Road. About 20,000 people, taking in businesses and residential areas across the Town Centre, Surbiton Hill, Berrylands and Alexandra wards, will be part of the consultation, which will run in autumn.

Results of the consultation will be presented to the committee and would then move to Kingston Council’s residents’ committee if endorsed.


This is going to make bus journeys painfully slow. Going to do all my shopping online now.

Excellent news that should please the Health and Safety lobby,not sure about the global warming fanatics given the huge increase in emissions from vehicles travelling in the less than optimum gear.
Mind you the sign makers will have a bonus year replacing many signs.

Thus is so overdue. I'm a car user and also a cyclist and traffic in surbiton can be highly aggressive and speeding is commonplace. I have no doubt it will be flouted by many morons but it will be the official speed limit. And who knows, one day people may recalibrate their driving down to twenty. And then life will be a little bit more civilised.

How will the cyclists be policed at 20 mph,apart from a few old ladies most are doing 20 on the flat never mind the descent into Surbiton from Hook and Berrylands.
No doubt the increase in accidents at 20 mph will result in a 10 mph limit the whole thing is farcical.

To be honest few cyclists around town will reach or exceed 20. And also cyclists do not pollute the environment nor present perhaps quite the same degree of physical threat as a ton of metal slamming into you. Which I have had nearly happen to me a few times with texting drivers and speeding drivers too. In my view a 20 limit is a very good idea as right now the 30 limit has people doing 30 to 40 on average. So 20 would make them do 20 to 30 on average. Suburban areas are too densely packed to have cars racing around .. just calm the speed down people. It makes life more pleasant for everyone if you just drive a bit more nicely.

So none of the pocket timer pro app users are doing 20 mph,I am a pedesetrian in Surbiton and feel in much greater danger from cyclists,both those on the roads and those on the pavements or river walks,than I ever do from cars.
Cars pollute less and less each year but this is now negated by forcing them to drive in lower gears to avoid pointless humps,necks and now silly speed limits.

London has already breached annual pollution limits just one week into 2016, and only weeks after the government published its plans to clean up the UK’s air

Also regarding ever reducing emissions...Four more carmakers join diesel emissions row.
Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Mazda and Mitsubishi’s cars are shown to emit significantly more NOx pollution on the road than in regulatory tests.

Motorists could be charged for driving through ALL towns and cities under new plans being drawn up by EU .. Report by Brussels bureaucrats could also see a new tax on RECYCLING
EU tells councils to impose taxes to help hit EU climate change targets
New taxes would help EU cut emissions by 20% by 2020, report claims

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