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Massage parlour worker cautioned for operating without a licence

A worker at a Surbiton massage parlour has been slapped with a police caution for operating without the correct licence.

A 45-year-old woman was cautioned after a raid on Chinese Therapy Centre, in Ewell Road, by police and Kingston Council licensing officers. She and another woman, 35, were arrested for suspected prostitution offences but later released. Police said they walked in on a man at the parlour who admitted he was offered sex.

A third woman was arrested for a suspected immigration offence but was also released. The raid last Wednesday was ordered after residents raised concerns about the parlour.

No one from the parlour was available for comment on an advertised mobile phone number or the shop’s landline. There are glowing reviews of massage services on the parlour’s website. The parlour was closed this week, with a sign on the door saying the business was experiencing “problems with the electricity and water”. It can remain open, a Kingston Council spokesman confirmed, as long as it does not offer services for which it is not licensed.

Prices for massage services ranged from £30 for half an hour, to £80 for an hour of work by two masseuses.


Thanks for posting my comment. I didn't think you would because of the links. If you want to know more, I have written about them on my blog, these are no ordinary pimps, there is something very sinister about them.

They first came to my attention in2005 and made my life hell. Stella Creasy thinks she's been through hell, she hasn't come close to how I feel. These people did more damage to me than Creasy's troll did to her.

I hope the lot on St James Road are investigated too. The traffickers had a base in Kingston a few years ago then vanished. Last year they re appeared with 3 women. One they claimed was Finnish but wasn't and 2 from Bangladesh. The Finnish chick is no longer, but these 2 are.

Don't be fooled by the writings on their blog or twitter. They speak very little English, it is their very well educated pimp who writes and markets them.

I forgot to mention that the younger one (Molli Desi) was brought to the country on a bogus student visa, just like the other one (princess Kama) in 2005.

What is the Home Office doing about this abuse of immigration laws?

My faux pas. Inna the non Asian prostitute was on the scene for a few years before the new pair cane along. They are also not on St James Road, but off St James Road. I have notified the police about the crimes against me.

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