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Mother of supermarket worker found dead in Surbiton's YMCA describes centre as the “worst place they could have put her”

The mother of a woman who died a drug-related death in her room at Surbiton’s YMCA has described the centre as the “worst place they could have put her”.

Alexis Fallon, 50, originally from Dartford, was found dead in her room at the YMCA, in Victoria Road, Surbiton with “fatal levels of illicit drugs” in her system on May 11, 2014. An inquest at West London Coroner’s Court on  December 22 heard how Miss Fallon had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and depression, though her death was not found to be intentional.

A former supermarket worker, Miss Fallon moved to London to look after her mother in 2013. After her mental health deteriorated she was forced to move out of her flat and was rehomed at Surbiton’s YMCA. In June the police revealed that they had been called to the community centre 300 times in less than two-and-a-half years for crimes including drug dealing.

Miss Fallon’s frequent mood swings led to a total of nine episodes of self-harm in the years before her death. After an overdose in April 2014 she was taken to A&E at Kingston Hospital where she told staff she “regretted it straight away”. She frequently saw a psychiatrist and two days before her death she was visited at the YMCA, having been prescribed home treatment, by Dr Rasvan Gutu.

Mr Inyama ruled a drug-related death at the YMCA.

To get in touch with the Samaritans in Kingston day or night call 116 123 or text  07725 909 090 or email


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