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Pink tutu attacker due to be sentenced today but CPS drop 'homophobia' claim

Alan Banks, 27, pleaded guilty before Christmas to attacking Robbie Kingsford in what was initially said to be a homophobic attack.

The attack outside KFC in Brighton Road, Surbiton, left retail worker Mr Kingsford with two black eyes, bruises to the face and severe cuts.

The 21-year-old from Leatherhead and a friend, 18, had been walking in the early hours of November 1, 2014. Banks, of Kinross Avenue, Worcester Park, changed his plea to guilty to one count of actual bodily harm on Tuesday, December 1. One count of exposure against Banks was dropped by the prosecution team.

A charge of actual bodily harm against Samuel Light, 27, of Westville Road, Thames Ditton was dropped because of a lack of evidence. After the attack police called the attack "a violent and unprovoked hate crime" and appealed for information about two white men dressed in pink tutus.


This is a complete disgrace. One of the attackers has been let off completely and the other received a tiny 18 month sentence and had to pay a rather insulting £100 'victim surcharge'.

The court appears to have been completely taken in by the attackers story that this was 'mistaken' homophobia rather than the real thing. It sounded to me like he had made it up a few seconds before entering the courtroom, but obviously it sounded more convincing to those that matter.

I just can't understand how we hope to stop this type of violence happening over and over again if the courts will not punish offenders properly.

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