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Strictly's Erin Boag is living the Good Life in Surbiton

Erin Boag brings nothing but glitz and glamour to Surbiton as she has quickly entered the hearts of the British nation.

From her journey as a professional on Strictly Come Dancing to her regular tours with dance partner of 20 years Anton Du Beke, it is obvious why people pack out venues for their spectacular pizzazz. Anton and Erin...Just Gotta Dance Tour fuses sparkling costumes and timeless music to give audiences a new tasty show. Fans of Britain’s favourite ballroom couple have commented how the intricacy of their footwork makes everything look so seamless.

Boag packed her one suitcase and travelled across to London from New Zealand 20 years ago with her then dance partner. She said it was the love for the famous show ‘The Good Life’ helped her make the decision to set up her home in Surbiton.

Boad added: “We had no idea where to live or where to go, so I went into a WHSmith and asked for a map.

“I pointed my finger on Surbiton and a part from Coronation Street, The Good Life was the only other show I knew so we hopped onto a train from Heathrow and headed down there.

“It was not until years later when Felicity Kendall was on strictly she told me it wasn’t even filmed there.

“I have never felt so cheated in my life but I think it is a great location, it is right next to Kingston for shopping.

“You can also get into London Waterloo on the train in 20 minutes and it has lovely parks, it is just one of the best areas to live in.”


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