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Cyclist rushed to hospital after being hit by car outside garage at rush hour

A cyclist was taken to hospital this morning after being hit by a car outside a garage in Surbiton at rush hour.

Police were called to Brown's Road at 8.42am today to reports of a car in collision with a cyclist. On arrival they found a woman, believed to be 25 years old, lying in the road having been hit near Brown's Road Garage. Witnesses described seeing the woman covered in a blanket but moving freely before being taken away by an ambulance. Her injuries are not thought to be life threatening or life changing.

No arrests are believed to have been made. The woman is the scond cyclist to have been hurst on the borough's roads today, with a


Browns road is narrow,parked both sides and it is very unlikely that the poor motorist was able to do much more than 15 mph at 0842,so it sounds as if was a bump more than anything.
There are inconsiderate drivers everywhere but they are vastly outnumbered by aggressive "immortal" cyclists who ignore just about every road sign,traffic light,roundabout or in fact anything designed solely for pedestrians,like footpaths,underpasses,shopping centres and zebra crossings,in short many are a complete menace on the roads.

I know where you are coming from, but I'd still say that there are many more bad drivers on the road overall than bad cyclists. The proportion of cyclists that are bad is quite shocking though.

Wow did you just say "the poor motorist"?
...Head shaking...

I did indeed as more than often,especially in confined low speed roads like Browns it is the cyclist who rams the car and the poor driver is automatically labelled as a reckless loon,most drivers are not out to cripple cyclists or pedestrians,indeed nearly all drivers are also pedestrians and many cycle as well.

The kill rate on cyclists from motor vehicles is somewhat higher than the kill rate on motorists from cyclists. Also cyclists do not pollute the environment with poisonous fumes and noise. Bikes are not only less of a nuisance, they use up less space and are a massively more effective mode of transport in urban areas. I treat cyclists with great respect and wish there were more instead of these damn stinking cars everywhere. If people got off their fat ar5e and cycled more it would be great all round. It's a no brainer.
The air would be cleaner, it would be quieter, and people would be healthier.

Many people race round surbiton like maniacs. It's lawless. I've seen cars doing 50,60 countless times. There is no police presence so some people drive like morons. As for twenty zones, I am extremely in favour of that. But in the twenty zones that we already have, if you stuck at twenty, within seconds an aggressive fool would be on your tail and going mad at your perceived lack of progress.

What rubbish unless you happen to witness some clown at 0300 on an empty road,otherwise most of Greater Londons road during normal hours restrict traffic to near walking pace.

Haha if only!

I've seen a car doing 60 along Ewell road to get through the lights . Very common to see wildly excessive speed. Some cars now are really quick.

All true, but the problem is the public in general don't accept police presence or camera enforcement. They say they want increased road safety, but as soon as a camera goes up and catches people breaking the law, all hell breaks loose.

There have been two examples of this locally in recent years - Surbiton Crecsent of course, but also the notorious yellow box junction in the centre of Kingston. Neither of these are related to road safety as such and the reasons for having these schemes might be highly questionable, but everyone who got fined either passed a 'no entry" sign or stopped inside a yellow box. They all knew that they shouldn't do it, but they did, and then complained!

I fear that this would be the same if cameras were put up to enforce the 20 mph limit in the centre of Surbiton, but it is the ONLY way to make people drive at that speed. If they don't think that they will get caught, a lot of people won't bother with speed limits.

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