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Shop worker who tried to kiss 11-year-old girl jailed for sexual assault

Mauritian national Ajay Sahye, 42, had been working at the Londis store in Ewell Road, Surbiton, where the offences occurred on November 23 last year.

He appeared at Kingston Crown Court for sentencing today sporting a shaved head and a grey tracksuit, having pleaded guilty to two counts of assault by touching at an earlier hearing. Prosecutor Stephen Apted said the victim, a regular customer, had gone into the store to buy a drink, but had then asked to use the toilet.

Mr Apted said Sayhe asked the girl several times if she had sex, before she ran out of the shop. The court heard the victim and the defendant had known each other and were said to have cuddled or kissed on the cheek in the past. Police attended the store on the same night. Sahye told officers he had known the girl for some months as she had come into the shop regularly, and admitted he had kissed her - but denied he had used his tongue.

He added he was "shocked" upon arrest and "deeply sorry" that the girl was 11 years-old, as she had claimed to be 16.

The court also heard Sahye had overstayed his visa because he had not been able to get hold of his passport since being mugged in 2011. Prior to this he had gained permission to live in the UK since his arrival in 2004. Sahye, of Ewell Road, was sentenced to 17 weeks in prison for both counts of assault, to run concurrently. He has already served seven weeks. He was also given a sexual prevention order for five years and put on the sex offenders’ register for seven years.

Kingston Council temporarily suspended Londis’ premises licence following the assault. But the suspension was lifted following an appeal by licence holder Akvinder Mahal in December. The store has been allowed to stay open provided Mr Mahal or his wife are present when alcohol is being sold, and that no new members of staff are employed at the store.


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