Kingston fourth in national primary school 'league tables'

Christ Church Surbiton was among the best ranked primary schools in the country.

Kingston has been narrowly pipped to the post by neighbouring Richmond as the 'best performing' borough for primary school education this year. Kingston came in fourth behind Trafford in Manchester, and Kensington and Chelsea for 2013, according the the Department for Education. St Luke’s in Acre Road was the highest ranked Kingston school, followed by Robin Hood in Bowness Crescent, Coombe Hill Juniors in Coombe Lane West and Christ Church Surbiton in Pine Gardens.

The tables measure the percentage of pupils who achieve level four or above in reading, writing and maths between the ages of seven and 11. The least best performing school in the borough was King Athelstan in Villiers Road in Kingston - which was one per cent below the national average percentage and down by 11 per cent on the previous year. Green Lane, Castle Hill and Robin Hood schools showed the largest jump in improvement from last year.

Burlington Junior School and St Joseph’s were the two primary schools that saw the biggest drop in standards from the year before. The figures were released by the Department for Education last Thursday.

Percentage of pupils achieving level 4 (source DfE)

School2013 - 2012
St Luke's CofE Primary School97 - 97
Robin Hood Primary School92 - 77
Christ Church CofE Primary School91 - 88
Coombe Hill Junior School91 - 92
Green Lane Primary and Nursery School89 - 72
Latchmere School89 - 77
St Paul's CofE Junior School89 - 83
Fern Hill Primary School88 - 80
Lovelace Primary School88 - 74
St Mary's CofE (Aided) Primary School88 - 83
Castle Hill Primary School87 - 70
Malden Parochial CofE Primary School87 - 83
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School85 - 77
St Andrew's and St Mark's CofE Junior School84 - 88
St Matthew's CofE Primary School84 - 86
St John's C of E Primary School83 - 83
Grand Avenue Primary and Nursery School81 - 84
St Agatha's Catholic Primary School81 - 84
Ellingham Primary School80 - 87
Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School80 - 90
St Paul's CofE Primary School79 - 90
Tolworth Junior School79 - 68
Burlington Junior School76 - 91
Knollmead Primary School73 - 60
Malden Manor Primary and Nursery School72 - 83
Christ Church New Malden CofE Primary School71 - 69
King's Oak Primary School63 - 62
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School63 - 79
King Athelstan Primary School62 - 73


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