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Surbiton businesses suffer as sewer repairs and building works hit trade

Shops in Surbiton are losing up to 60 per cent of trade because of a mystery sewer blockage that has caused one of the town’s major shopping streets to partially close.

Victoria Road has been closed in one direction since the beginning of October, after concrete debris was discovered in a pipe beneath the street. Buses and cars can only travel one way, from Brighton Road up to Surbiton station, with vehicles travelling in the opposite direction being diverted. But several traders say they have been hit hard by the closures, as shoppers avoid the area while the works are carried out.

Adhraa Botros, owner of Snappy Snaps, said she was currently working six days a week and at times was 60 per cent below her sales targets.

Several traders called for Kingston Council to reduce business rates during the road works -  while others said the building of the Surbiton Plaza II was compounding the problems. The development, opposite Sainsbury’s, is currently blocking off a section of pavement between Zizzi restaurant and Garret and Jones Hairdressers. Pedestrians must walk in the road while several short stay parking bays have been temporarily suspended.

The construction of Surbiton Plaza II has also been blamed for a drop in trade. Surbiton Plaza II is being developed by Kingston-based CNM Estates in conjunction with Taylor Wimpey.


Now, let me see, concrete in the sewers...... hmmm, now who might have been using concrete on that stretch of road.
I know, CNM Estates!!! Eureka!.

I see that Businesses can claim for loss of earnings from Thames Water. I sincerely hope that we as customers do not get charged extra for this. It should not be that difficult to prove any concrete in the sewers has come from the Surbiton Plaza 1 or 2 building site and Thames Water should reclaim their costs from either CNM Estates, Bewley Homes or Wimpey Homes.

It should be the chairman of CNM Estates paying for this as the chairman can afford to pay for dubious recreational activities he can pay the suffering business's here.

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