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Is a huge python called Ness on the loose in Surbiton?

Posters pleading for the safe return of the more than metre long ‘Ness’ have been plastered on lampposts across the town.

The posters claim that the black and brown ball python went missing on January 18 near St James’ Road and warn anyone who sees her to “be careful when approaching.” The owner also offers a £100 reward for her return, which did not impress one passer-by who has scrawled "I thought these things kill" underneath the plea. 

Many of the posters have been put up around Claremont Gardens, the park area popular with children, due to the fact the native west African snakes prefer wooded, green areas. Ball Pythons, while dangerous to cats and dogs, have not been known to hurt humans and have become popular pets due to their docile temperament. There is some speculation that the missing snake posters could be a practical joke. Pretending that killer snakes are on the loose has become a popular gag in London in the last few weeks with posters claiming a deadly black mamba was missing in Kings Cross causing wide spread panic at the beginning of the month.

This later turned out to be a joke. When the Comet rang Sarah Doust, who is listed on the poster as Ness’ owner, there was no answer and a ‘mailbox’ full answerphone message.


It's a joke. Same thing happened in Camden. Poster popping up all over London

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