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Kingston environmental group agree lease with developers near Berrylands Station for new space

A popular environmental group in Kingston have agreed a lease for a disused space behind Berrylands Station.

Save the World Club (STWC) is run by Des Kay, a well-known community campaigner in the borough.

The group undertake community projects in Kingston and the surrounding area, from creating artworks from rescued materials to collecting surplus food from local supermarkets and delivering by bike to night shelters and refugees.

To improve their outreach efforts, STWC have been looking for a physical space which they could call their own for a number of years without success. That state of affairs has now changed thanks to an agreement between the group and developers, who have planned to use the land currently occupied by a warehouse near Berrylands Station.

The agreement between them and STWC, as Mr Kay explained in conversation with the Comet, will be to use a one-year lease on the warehouse granted by the developers to turn it into a "circulatory" hub for green and community projects in the borough.

STWC say that they are currently working towards a plan to fill a shipping container with recyclable materials to be shipped wherever they are most needed. For example, countries that don't have access to plastic manufacturing can reuse plastic recycling waste from the UK to prevent it going in landfill and therefore stop more oil being used in the production of new plastic too.

In that sense, STWC hope 'The Circulatory' can be a practical community recycling hub and a place for artists and other residents with creative projects in the borough.

STWC are hosting an open evening with refreshments this Friday (November 1) from 5pm at The Circulatory at Banstead Station, to announce their new plans and encourage artists and people interested in being involved to share their thoughts.

The Circulatory will be signposted from Berrylands Stations. The developers declined to comment.


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