Anti Tesco campaign set back

Air pollution argument declared unfounded.

The air quality issue was one MP Edward Davey’s key arguments against the supermarket, who feared that the extra traffic coming to Tesco would tip the area around the A3 into unsafe pollution levels, harming the health of local residents.

But in Tesco’s planning application, due to be submitted to Kingston Council today, air quality figures taken by an independent company showed it to be currently below the EU legal limits and will not drastically increase.

James Wiggam, corporate affairs manager at Tesco, said the air quality argument now "doesn’t really stand", and "in planning terms, air quality wouldn’t be any reason for refusal because of the figures we’ve got."


Too late now for this site,just leave it as a "brownfield" site for future generations to ponder over,Tesco can move into the M&S store when it closes.This of course assumes that the Broadway has any shops left and is worth opening a retail unit.

The Ewell road corridor from the A3 to Kingston is becoming impassable due to endless traffic lights and bus lanes and obstructions designed to slow already creeping traffic.The Hospital site debate will go on for ever and produce nothing but more traffic lights and entrance realignments,we are lucky that Surbiton has a fantastic but crowded rail link otherwise the area would stagnate and become planning ghetto of brownfield sites and empty flats.

Come on you politicians and planners,forget the Rose,open up our roads,improve parking,build some bigger schools and pay for most of it by slashing the headcount in the Town Hall and adjusting pension benefits to match those in the private sector.

It's a shame Ed based his argument around the pollution factor there were a lot more feasible arguments against the development, but he shouldn't have campaigned for a school down the road from somewhere he was campaigning against Tesco on the grounds of pollution.

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