Attempted mugging St Marys Road, just off Victoria Road

3 Asian men between the ages of 17 to 20 attempted to mug my husband in broad daylight at 11.20am on Friday 14th October, 2011.

My husband left the Nat West bank and saw one of the Asian men wearing a black puffa jacket with a hood, trying to cover his face and talking on a mobile phone. My husband carried on walking down towards St Marys Road when he saw 2 more Asian men again, one being on the phone. As he turned into St Marys Road the 3 men came after him.

Once around the corner my husband, who luckily, had thought they were acting a little suspicious turned around to see the three men running at him. They demanded his phone and money etc. One of the men was carrying a glass bottle, another had a baton type weapon. My Husband stood up to the three men and a fight broke out.

Luckily my husband had trained the previous year for 6 months for a charity boxing match, climbed Mont Blanc this September gone (raising around £7000 for charity) so he was very fit and strong. He fought them off and the men left empty handed. One of the men received a hard blow to his right cheek and another has possible sratches or marks on his throat where my husband had throttled him.

They certainly picked on the wrong man. We wouldn't want anyone to have to go through this so please, if you witnessed this attack or if you may have any information, no matter how small, please help us catch these criminals and let us know!


My son and his friend were mugged last night. It happend on Upper Brighton Road - just before the mini roundabout. He told me the muggers came out of nowhere and the whole thing was over in 10-15 secs. They took their phones and some lose change but no serious physical harm; even though my son's friend was shoved in the ribs by one of them. Apparently, he was taking far too long to hand over his phone!!!

I guess Surbiton is not immune from this kind of nonesense!!!

Really sorry to hear about that, and I am glad that there seem to be no serious repercussions.

Unfortunately, nowhere is immune for this type of thing these days, especially a relatively busy area like Surbiton.

Well, you're not going to like this comment but what do you expect as now Surbiton gets over run and possibly illegal immigrants move in for employment for peanuts and accomodation by thier own kind and start to form groups to get what they want by force. I did warn you but all I got was insults from someone who sounded like one of them. This is what goes on everywhere else in the country so why should you or I be surprised that it goes on in Surbiton?

Hi Anthony it's me again, i personally don't care what race, religion or colour you think i am. But what i will say is i absolutely detest racist/bigots what ever you wanted to be called.
In my books they are vermin and i 'strongly' suggest you back down or choose your words very carefully.
(Surbiton is a very small place and thankfully people like you are in the minority, and a lot easier to pinpoint!)

You see everybody, this is the kind of typically predictable answer you get from someone who probably does not originate from Surbiton by a long shot and does not like freedom of speech and what you say in your own town (or country) so he (or is it she, could be by the tone?) resorts to threats. They immediately turn any comments into racist ammunition but don't say a dicky bird about the description the attacked man gave about his attackers or congratulate the man for fending off the three bully boys out to get what they want by force. By the way you talk AnonymousAgain you sound like a threatening gang member yourself so perhaps the police should be alerted. Nowadays it is not good to be threatening on the internet in the light of recent events.

Oh put a sock in it! People get mugged every day, Surbiton is no stranger to muggings or crime but the fact that the muggers were asian brings parasites like you out! It was a shame this person got mugged and i feel for him and hope they catch the perpetrators.
Strange how know body else has gotten on their soap box to preach to us about the effect of immigration in this thread?
Oh yes, just as i thought people except this as a 'crime' and not a 'race' issue!

Oh and by the way where are the threats??? I think the police would laugh you out of the station and tell you stop wasting every ones time. (I think they would be more interested in your backward views!)

If I were you AnonymousAgain I would not be so cocksure. Your attitude to muggings is somewhat disturbing.

Something doesn't quite add up here? Not sure what it is but i suspect this isn't the full story or some of the facts have been 'twisted'?

Thankfully a builder witnessed the incident and is giving details to the Police. Nothing is twisted here, nothing was stolen, no insurance claim etc etc so no reason to "twist" We just wanted to make people aware and to come forward if they had any information. We want these men caught so that they do not do this to someone less physically able to defend themseleves. My husband has played Rugby for years and is not afraid to stand up to people. Please contact your local Police station if you have any further information.

St. Mary's Road runs into the top of Cottage Grove from Victoria Road and has Surbiton Plaza off it.

No, the last road on the right as you go down Victoria Road, towards Sainsburys, is St Marys Road, where the new Plaza is. There are 2 St Marys Roads! It is a dead end road that you can walk through to Cottage Grove.

I stand corrected. I never knew that was a separate road from Cottage Grove. Just presumed they blocked it to stop cut thru's .. mainly the old post office. I did recount the tail last night to a couple of friends, we had a good laugh at the idiots. It's not good that they are in the area, but they've been taught a quick sharp lesson. It does make me wonder whether to do a short boxing course.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the recent intake of freshers at Kingston University? Most of them seem fine, but I have noticed a few 'rude-boys' hanging around by the halls of residence sites.

Truly frightening that something like this could happen at that time of the day.

I am glad to hear your husband is ok, but this serves as a useful warning to everyone. Surbiton is generally a safe place to be (as is often extolled on this site), but these things do still happen so no one should fall into a false sense of security.

This is interesting -- there were some robberies in flats in Lovelace Road last Friday - luckily the thief was caught. He was getting into letterboxes somehow and opening front doors, taking jewellery etc and then closing the door behind him. He was disturbed by one of the flat owners. Wondering if it was connected. Just a warning - double lock your front door, it could easily happen again.

I presume this is either St Andrews Road, or St James Road? St Mary's Road is in the Dittons .. down the far end of Lovelace Rd ...

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