Bin there, done that

Berrylands recycling scheme to go borough-wide.

The new service will be rolled-out from 1 September 2008 and will allow residents to recycle a wider range of materials that will be collected more often.

With so much being recycled and food waste still being collected on a weekly basis, the amount of landfill waste (refuse that cannot currently be recycled) households throw away will be dramatically reduced and will therefore only need to be collected once a fortnight.

Councillor Liz Green explains the financial situation: "Kingston Council, along with every local authority in the country, has been set a very challenging target by central Government of achieving a 65% reduction in the amount of biodegradable waste we send to landfill by 2020."

The amount of waste recycled using the green box in the Berrylands Trial area has more than doubled, and the amount of waste sent to landfill has almost halved. The Council has learnt some valuable lessons from the Berrylands trial which have influenced the design of the new service. For example some Berrylands Trial residents said that the wheelie bin used to store their landfill waste is too small. So, the size of the wheelie bin used borough-wide will be increased from 140 Litres to 180 Litres.


I have the same problem, I live in flats in Surbiton and some of the buildings which are part of the development are situated on a different road. They have a recycling scheme once a week, we don't! I have contacted the council three time to ask why and they don't ever provide any legitimate reasons. It is crazy that in order to recycle, I have to collect everything up at home and then drive to Villier's Rd tip (surely this is not helping the environment?!). I can understand why people just throw everything out, as it's too much hassle sometimes to recycle when your local council don't bother to help you or seem to care! There are over 30 flats in our buildings, I dread to think how much waste is generated from us alone!

As I live in a flat, all this recycling collection has bypassed me. I keep stacking up about three months of bottles and then do the 'wino' trip to the recycle bin. However, there's loads more stuff that I could recycle, but not having a collection makes this more difficult. I'm glad to see that they will be including flats, as Surbiton really is 'flatland' and a fair amount of its residents are being missed out. The council need to give my management association some options that will allow us to decide what will suit our building. At the moment, there's not a huge amount of room, so there will be neccesary planning.

Absolutely. We have 27 flats in our block... and 3 small recycling boxes. What exactly does my council tax pay for apart from worthwhile 'community' schemes, free housing for deserving (large) families of unfortunate DSS claimants and (repeat) drugs rehabilitation courses for the sadly weak of character? Bless them all.

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