Bin there, done that

Borough-wide roll-out of new waste collection service begins.

Over a period of 10 weeks, recycling containers and wheelie bins will be delivered to the 50,000 houses, converted flats and maisonettes that will soon be part of the new Recycling and Landfill Waste Collection Service.

A letter is being posted out to every household involved in the new collection service notifying residents of when their new containers will arrive.

Households involved in the earlier phases of the roll-out have already received their Service Information Booklet and confirmation of when their containers will be delivered. The 5,500 households in Phase 1 will receive their new containers this week (commencing 22 September), with their new and improved recycling collections starting from next week (commencing 29 September) and their first landfill waste collection the week after that (commencing 6 October).

Properties in the later stages of the roll-out, including all those involved in the Berrylands Refuse and Recycling Trial, have not yet received the first piece of communication material asking whether they want to request a green box or an ‘extra large’ wheelie bin. This will be sent out in the next two weeks, with the more comprehensive Service Information Booklet following a couple of weeks after that.


I have been putting up with this system since it came in.
I have had enough of it. Our street is a mess when the stream of various trucks has rolled by on pick up day!!!

There must be a better way, no?

Dear friends from Council , unfortunatelly for us, non of rubbish tracks were on Church Hill road this
Wed, as used to be before. Now we have all trash aroun the road, because winter is coming and foxes are hungry. Please, do something!!!!!

Come along now, lets try and be a little less negative shall we? Unless that is of course we are to take the view that simply paying our council tax gives us the right to dump all our waste into landfill and forget about it.

On the subject of the food bins - well I don't think the colour is really worth complaining about. I am sure the fashion conscious among you will soon be able to buy alternative versions from Cath Kidston if you prefer. I have had one of these bins for over a year and have found that with regular emptying and the occasional rinse there has been no smell problem. We bought ours to use as a holding caddy for food waste on its way to the compost bin. If anyone else feels like trying out home composting I would highly recommend the Recycle Now website ( where you can also pick up compost bins and accessories for around a quarter of the price of a local garden centre.

I appreciate that the new rubbish collection system may not be perfect but I have to say that having lived in other London boroughs the quality of the service provided by Kingston is comparatively excellent. Equally, I accept that it is going to take time and effort for us to make adjustments to the way we think and act when throwing things out. I for one think it is worth working through the teething problems while the changeover is made.

Portsmouth Road is not in the new scheme yet. our rubbish and recycling should have been collected on Weds. Told RBK it was not picked up, on friday my recycling box was picked up but my rubbish bags have not been. Foxes have got at bags on Portsomuth Road and rubbish is now floating down the street - nice!!! Do you think they will pick up my rubbish bags on Saturday or will we get no pick up until the new bins arrive?

Not keen on having a slops bucket in my kitchen and only having my non-recyclables collected every other week, but apart from that it's working reasonably well so far.

Follow up from Victoria Av. Hurray at last they come !! Now 15:10 !! Anyway good job done !
We and also the council will be used to soon to the new system... I hope !

Now the day 2 , 2nd of Oct 13:30.... still no sign of the collection.....(BTW we are in Victoria Av.).
My hubby called to the council to make sure they are on the way, they said so !!
We personally enjoying to divide all rubbish into different categories, although a little bit brain involved...
But, just hoping they come as they said.... we do not want to leave them outside many days.
Instead of collection people, fox family would come to collect them....

I'm also in Victoria Avenue. Thet emptied the new brown bin but not the green recycling bin. My wife also rang the RBK Environmental office and they said if it isn't emptied by 4pm call them back.

Unluckily for them I had problem last month about a missed collection of one week. Phone call after phone call. Then a letter to the Surrey Comet blasting them. Today I have sent them an email advising them to rectify the matter quickly lest I become 'active' again.

I have advised them that you have also had the same problem and told them to look at


Well my bin was emptied at 3.19pm. Coincidence to my letter....yes. Even I am not that good to make a council move in 15 minutes :)

They must have been in the area!!

Some thoughts:
Brown caddy bins have no mechanism to clip them shut / airtight. So they begin to stink / attract bugs. Not something I want in my kitchen thank you.
And what an aweful dated colour these caddies are.. brown. Unsightly.
Kingston failed to collect any recycling from my property on Oct 1st. Scheme off to a good start...
We've been given the bins, but no literature detailing or motivating as to why we should recycle, or even if its a manditory scheme or not.
Details of what can be recycled was helpfully scattered out over 3 stickers and 2 bits of paper. I think I've lost them already..

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