Gone in 60 minutes

Seven new homes sold within an hour of going on sale.

The new deleveopment in Electric Parade has sold all seven of it's properties within an hour according to their designer Dennis de Lord. He also said that three went for £100,000 more than their originally value.

I hope the new residents like the smell of chips.


Addressing the original thread - the seven new houses in Electric Parade show just what can be achieved on small Brownfield sites in conservation areas. They have been thoughtfully designed to add something unique to (but in keeping with) Surbiton rather than the rubbish that usually gets built these days.

If more developments followed this principle, we could easily accommodate new housing on existing developed land - without touching our precious green spaces or blighting our towns. After all, this is what attracted so many of us to live in Surbiton in the first place.

Shoot anyone who even dares mention building on Fishponds - and the fact it was originally a Victorian brickworks is irrelevant!

I don't understand how Tesco will make any difference to Surbiton itself. It will make a lot of difference to Tolworth and this may emanate slightly up the Ewell Road. I certainly won't be travelling from where I live (Maple Road area) to get there.

As I said,property is so much cheaper here than Wandsworth even with the appalling council tax charges.

You are quite correct that the big W is a little edgy but no worse than Kingston on a saturday night or even Bournemouth where I have had more vandal damage to my car than any London borough.

Bring on the big Tesco and inject some pzazz into the area.

Wandsworth is edgy in a different way, though. Kingston & Bournemouth are rough in the evenings due to chavs and students going to the awful nightclubs. Unfortunately, this is the main driver for vandalism - your car will be at risk if you live on the route from the town centre to halls of residence or council estates.

The centre of Wansdworth is an intimidating place to be even during the daytime. there are always lots of really dodgy people hanging around (not just your street-corner chavs, either). I wouldn't want to walk around there alone any more. It is nicer in Putney (or Southfields), but then you pay even more.

I always think that it is more to do with what part of an area you live in. For example, in Surbiton, you can live in, say, The Mall, and you are close to everything. It is a nice area to live, but you will pay £500k for a 3 bed semi.

In some of the not-so-nice areas towards Tolworth, you can buy the same house for half that, but the area is totally different, albeit about 2 miles away.

So let's get this right. You'd like to see Surbiton cloaked in massive new housing developments, our parks covered in concrete, a 'cool' monorail running alongside the Thames, the A3 made into an eight lane super highway and a multi-storey car park over the station. And what attracted you to living in the leafy suburbs exactly...?

Sadly I was only attracted by the cheap housing,brilliant rail service,close proximity of airports and the hope that eventually the Tube/Tram would reach this gloriously faded backwater.
Just think with imagination it could be the new Wandsworth.

Why on earth would you want to in the 'new Wandsworth? The old one is quite bad enough as it is!

Please feel free to go and live in that sort of area and leave Surbiton to those who like a 'faded backwater', rather than edgy urbanity.

Gosh yes - what a waste that Fishponds place is - its just grass and trees and ponds. You could get 100+ houses on that bit of scrap land.

I agree Fishponds is a wasted space but it looks big enough to me to get some really cool high rise execco flats with penthouses etc,of course you would need a good underground car park to cope with the additional cars.
Hoolyfield road is a hopeless bottlekneck so this could be widened or dual carriagewaid at the same time.

This should then lead to KCR being part of a one way system that benefits residents rather than commuters,but as rat run fan it might not suit me personally.

The Thames is pleasant enough but needs to be used more .
Whilst I would not pave over it ,a Maglev/monorail alongisde its banks would be really cool.
The point is unless we urgently build at least a million new homes in the s/east,property prices will rise due to market forces of supply/demand curves,marginal propensity to consume and all that rot.

As Surbiton is a great place to commute from what we need is far more developments of Flats/Maisonettes and Houses.
We have loads of underused land such as Fishponds/Seething Wells etc plus plenty alongside the river so lets have several thousand new dwellings to ease the housing shortage and breathe some life into the area.
Compared to Richmond and Wimbledon this area is very affordable but without more development it will become unaffordable.

Traffic need not be a problem if new links are built,such as another river crossing between Kingston and Hampton Court and expand the A3 to 4 lanes on each carriageway,with the Ewell and Hook roads upgraded and red routed.

Car parking needs addressing anyway and a multi storey over the railway at Surbiton plus all new developments to provide a minimum of two slots per dwelling will cover this.

What a brilliant idea! Why don't we pave over the Thames while we're at it and use it as a motorway. That would get the house prices up.

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