Local council election results

Last Thursday's local election results.


There is one interesting point to consider. If the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats agree to a form of coalition then maybe one glaring unfairness will be corrected? Up to no the Lib Dems have said it was unfair and need amending. Ed Davey and Councillors have protested outside Parliament and I wne up to join them. The Conservatives said that Ed and Co were ineffective hinting that as they would never govern they could notr affect this unfairness.

But if a Coalition is formed then there is no excuse not to amend the Government Grant given to RBK which helps set the yearly Council Tax figure. It is unfair when compared to other boroughs. So now we can expect it to be made fair...or is there more chance of a flying pig overhead! No more excuse Tories and Lib Dems.....we people expect fairness. Then again if we don't get it they can always resort to the fall back position of blaming each others. NO!! That will not work as we WILL blame you both!

BRAVO: Leslie,as always you have made a very incisive point,one that I had missed completely.

I shall begin lobbying Mr Davey immediately the outcome of the current discussions is known.

Join the queue LOL

Spectacular,Leslie you are a man of action,well done.

I shall however wait to see if DC goes it alone now Clegg is cosying up to Labour and others,then Helen can act as a conduit to DC via Zac as they are all very close.

Heigh ho who said politics was dull,we might even see the ghastly Salmon man getting in on the act.

Well my auto-reply from Ed's email address was that I would get a reply within 10 days. Well guess what...maybe i don't want to wait whilst others decide the fate of this country behind closed doors. So I'll keep my "man of action" LOL (how funny that is you don't know) in public. So i forwarded my email to Ed to the Surrey Comet for good measure.

Now Bloodaxe you have me intrigued....Helen and Zac.....methinks i have a Tory in my midst!!!

Lean that way but too left wing for me now,I am a Dinosaur from the Black Country whose family were staunch Tories as they could see first hand what a disaster Labour were in that area,and its still true today.Still impoverished and consuming huge benefit sums.

Copy of my email just sent to Ed Davey:

Dear Ed,

As the Tory-Lib Dem negotiations plod on towards some conclusion I feel that you should be aware of one other issue should any form of coalition be agreed. Government in the shape of the Tories and Labour haven't adjusted the Grant given to RBK which affect the council tax setting. Well there will be no excuse now and the Lib Dems must push for an early fair readjustment which will lower the unfair amount of Council Tax we pay now. No more excuses will be accepted as if the Lib Dems will be as responsible as all the others who have treated the tax payers of this Borough unfairly. The "leafy suburbs" are stirring!!

Best wishes,

Leslie Ian Jones

I agree. Maybe too many transitional voters due to the university and Clegg promising to remove tuition fees etc

Very disappointing results. I was expecting a massive swing to the Tories given the sustained failure by the Lib Dem administration to keep council tax down to a reasonable level in line with other similar boroughs.

It would appear that most voters do not care about this....

Incandescent with apathy,how else could the electorate return the the most hapless LibDem council in London,I find it astonishing that Ed Davey and our majority councillors are in the same party.

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