More advertising on Victoria Rd lamposts - what do you think?

Planning notices have been put up around town as the council plan to use the 49 new lamp posts to hang advertising banners.

As a resident of Victoria Rd living above a shop, this will be the view from my living room window. This area is part of Surbiton Town Centre Conservation area - do you think that this new advertising is appropriate?
I feel like we already have more than enough advertising to contend with in our streets and extra banners will not be welcome. Once they are agreed there will be no taking them down again, will the income for the council be worth it for the residents?

What do you think?
If you want to object, you need to write to Guildhall II quoting ref: 14/16189/ADV

p.s. I complained to the council about the previous EDF Olympic banners and I never got a response - this was hung right outside my window for months - very annoying!


Well on the poster it says 'advertising banners' so I assume that means any company rather than council-only ads..

Calm down, chaps. If you look up the planning application on RBK's website you will see that it is to advertise local community events such as those held by the Seething group at The Lamb and the Farmer's Market. No one is making a profit from advertising.


Unless the planning permission has a condition that explicitly bans commercial advertising, under planning law there's no bar on commercial advertising.

The lib dems clearly intended this advertising to be for community events only, but across London, Tory councils have enthusiastically jumped onboard selling these banner spaces for advertising. Unless we get an explicit planning condition, there's nothing to stop the new Tory council from getting their revenge on Surbiton for voting lib dem at the recent election.

It will look a little like the Blackpool illuminations in a power cut ideally suited to the new style Victoria Road now that the planners and poor taste shopkeepers have done their best to destroy what little period charm had survived.

Surely this would be totally unprecedented if it went through? I have never seen reguler advertising on lamposts anywhere in the country, apart from the amateur 'Golf Sale' type ones.

I suppose it was obvious this would happen, given the design of the new lamposts is clearly aimed at more than just providing light!

Greedy devils!

I did think that this would be the case as soon as they put up the new lamposts that were obviously designed to do more than just provide light.

As mentioned above, I hope that this will purely be for advertising local events, but once permission is granted who knows what this greedy council will use it for?

Surely regular advertising on lamposts would be totally unprecendented? I don't think I have ever seen it anywhere in the country, apart from the amateurs putting a brightly coloured temporary ad up for a 'Golf Sale' or whatever.

Do you know if it's for commercial advertising, or just for highlighting upcoming events, such as Surbiton Festival, Surbiton Ski Sunday, the recent Surbiton Food Festival, that kind of thing.

To my mind, theres a big difference. I wouldn't want comercial advertising, but wouldn't mind promotions for all the great community events that happen here.

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