Red Lion row

Developer presents to public enquiry this week.

A property developer planning to turn the former Red Lion pub in Tolworth into 58 homes, three shops and a pub presented its case at a public inquiry at Kingston Guildhall this week.

Several residents living near the site on the junction of Red Lion Road and Ewell Road were planning to attend and speak out against the development.


Perhaps I am missing something here.

If developers cannot get planning permission for green belt land and the Government is pushing for all new developments to be on brown field sites,where exactly should these guys look to build?

The only option is to demolish big pub sites etc and build so why all the fuss,we know the Ewell Road is a traffic planning disaster and the Broadway is blighted by short sighted Tecso objectors so what harm can a few extra dwellings make.Or is it that some must be "affordable" homes which is merely a euphemism for dwellings where unsavory types are likely to be housed.Leave it long enough and a bunch of "travellers" wil move in for a few years.

Lets just let the area slide into a backwater of boarded up shops and permanent traffic jams and concentrate on funding the Rose for evermore.

This is the same lot that built the Surbiton Plaza (21 out 0f 80 so-called luxurious unsold flats)

They where in the Victoria pub Thursday night celebrating something

Erm, maybe somebody’s birthday ?

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