Rising Sun's fate is set

Council approves redevelopment of burnt-out pub.

A recent planning meeting gave the go-ahead for the building of seven houses on the site by building CALA Homes (South). The now derelict pub had previously survived two mystery arson attacks.


Agree in part but what we need is a proper London boozer,no slots,no space invaders no music,no kids.

Forget gastro pubs,thats just a euphemism for norovirus contamination.Good old Shepherds pie,Bangers and Mash,Cauliflower cheese,Liver and Bacon,Jacket potatoes and tea and wads thats what a working woman or man needs and to eat and drink in peace and quiet.Enjoy the odd games of Arrows and shove hapenny,bring back Public/Saloon and Snugs Bars............. are those were the days.

Sad to see the Planners allowing the demolition of a fine building after "suspicious" fires were lit just after developers bought the property.
Suspicious also how squatters appeared to live there for a long time even though the developer's had the right to move them very quickly.

I wonder what made the Council backtrack from their tough stance on the loss of a social amenity?
I always thought that pub had great potential to be made into a really good gastro bar /restaurant.

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