Sunray estate under ASBO order

Council acts to quell antisocial youths.

A six month Dispersal Order came into effect on July 1st which gives the Police Officers and Community Support Officers powers to move people on or split up groups of two or more people on the street if the group is causing, or is believed they will cause, antisocial behaviour.

The order, introduced by Metropolitan Police in consultation with the Royal Borough of Kingston, gives police the power to move on groups of people congregating in the designated area. This includes all of the Sunray Estate, except Tolworth Rise South, and includes Donald Woods Gardens.

Roy Taylor, Chair of the Safer Kingston Partnership said, "The decision, to introduce a Section 30 Dispersal Order, is not one that has been taken lightly; prior to this measure being considered a great deal of work has been done by the Alexandra Safer Neighbourhood Team and other partners to try and resolve the problems in the area."


Sadly the asbo cannot deal with the joyrider who smashed into a car in Knollmead this week,then escaped despite the police search helicopter.

Cost to society must be thousands let alone the insurance loss suffered by having to claim on ones own insurance.

But at least it has stopped the hooded low life lurching around.

I'm really not sure what i've done to deserve this....

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