Surbiton author Tony Butcher claims to have cracked the Fairy Tale Code

Some of the most popular children's fairy tales contain hidden messages about the ''meaning of life'', according to a Surrey author.

Stories including Cinderella and Snow White contain symbols that when decoded reveal how to find ''enlightenment'' and ''inner peace''.

This “ancient wisdom” dates back thousands of years to the earliest civilisations and has been transmitted down the ages through “folk narratives”, according to writer Tony Butcher. It may sound like something out of a Dan Brown novels but Mr Butcher, of Surbiton, has dedicated over 30 years to cracking what he calls the “Fairy Tale Code”.

Speaking yesterday, he said: “'Far from being quaint tales only intended for children, these stories are relevant to us all. They contain ancient wisdom that when revealed can serve as a guide to developing the mind and living a fulfilled life. These instructions have been handed down to us from the oldest civilisations of the Egyptians and Greeks and have simply been forgotten.”

Mr Surbiton, 73, first noticed there may be more to fairy tales while working as a special needs teacher in the early 1970s. He would regularly have reading sessions with pupils and started to notice certain situations and characters repeating themselves across stories. A keen yoga practitioner for all his adult life, Mr Butcher realised that there was a connection between these recurring symbols and “yogic wisdom”.

''The common situations and characters work as symbols, representing the self and the journey to enlightenment,” he said. “The spiritual teachings reflect those of yoga, which strive for the expansion of consciousness and the development of mind, body and soul.”

Mr Butcher has explored his theory in new book, Yoga Consciousness in Ancient Mystery Religions, published by Janus. The 200-page book examines 10 common fairy tales including Cinderella, Snow White, Faithful John and Lucky Hans.

Taking Snow White, for example, the Seven Dwarfs represent the primary forces of creation and Snow White's crisis is not with a wicked stepmother but the quest to go beyond surface reality to something “timeless and real in its truest sense”.

Mr Butcher will be revealing how he discovered the Fairy Tale Code in a public talk on February 8, at Thames Ditton Hall, Thames Ditton. He will also be giving a reading from his poetry collection, A Walk in the Park, and signing copies of both books.

“I've devoted my life to attaining enlightenment and now feel I am at a stage when I can share with others the fruits of my incredible journey,” he added.

Fairy Tales – The Hidden Story takes place on Tuesday, February 8, 6.30pm – 8pm, at Thames Ditton Hall, Mercer Close, Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT7 0BS. Entry is free and refreshments are available. For more information on Mr Butcher's books, visit:


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